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30 Days to Podcast Pro
Launch Your Podcast in 30 Days

Want to Launch a Podcast?

30 Days to Podcast Pro: Is a 30 day program designed to help the beginner go through all the steps of launching a podcast. If you have a topic that you think the world would be interested in hearing, and you are committed, a podcast can open many doors, providing you with opportunity and an education that you won’t receive anywhere else. 

Hi, I’m Andrea Samadi

In 2019, I bought a new website template that had a podcast theme, and the web designer told me “You don’t have to do a podcast, we can delete that section.” I thought about it, and decided to move ahead with the podcast since I was already interviewing people for our online programs. Then I looked up, “How to Launch a Podcast” and I almost gave up. I had no idea what an RSS feed was, or even how to generate one. I started looking at some of my online friends, to see if anyone had an online course, but no one did. So I began to figure out how to launch a podcast one step at a time. For my first episode, I handed my husband a list of questions as he had just come in the door from a week of travel, and said “Answer these questions for me, and I will record you” and he did, and like that, the podcast was launched.

A year later, The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast is being downloaded in 96 countries, and has almost 17,000 downloads and often hits the Top 100 list often for Education/How to on iTunes—out of ALL global podcasts, we are at #2,164, which I never expected at all when I launched this thing. We’ve also been named The Top 10 Social and Emotional Learning Podcasts for 2020.

If you have been thinking about starting a podcast, contact us with any questions you might have. It’s much easier to start something when you follow the proven path of someone who has already accomplished what you are looking to do.

What’s Included?

30 Days to Podcast Pro consists of 1.5 hours support to launch your podcast, a checklist to get started, and 30 day check in to be sure you are on track.

Launch Your Podcast in These Simple Steps:

STEP 1: PLANNING WITH THE END IN MIND (Equipment, Preparation, Episode Outline)

STEP 2: RECRUITING HIGH QUALITY GUESTS (Preparation, Interview and Follow up)

STEP 3: RECORDING AND EDITING (Maximizing Your Time)

  1. Tracking Your Results and Statistics
  2. Creating Engaging Episodes That Engages Your Audience
  3. Avoiding the TOP 3 Podcast Pitfalls
  4. Creating a Longterm Plan
  5. Product Creation and Services Beyond Your Podcast


Support in our Online Community

Join our Facebook Page #NeuroscienceMeetsSEL to keep the learning and momentum going as you launch your program. Learn from others around the world who are implementing these ideas in their school, or workplace.

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