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How 12 teens took Andrea from teacher burnout, inspiring her path with social and emotional learning programs.

Awards and Achievements

It Began With Schools:

Skyrocketing Achievement

Andrea Samadi knows first-hand about stress in the classroom as her first job out of The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Education, was a behavioral class. She felt overwhelmed and frustrated by the lack of resources to help her manage and teach her students so she set out on a mission to find ways to support students and educators in the classroom.  At the same time,  was motivated to find solutions to elevate student voice, motivation, and character to take students and educators to higher levels of achievement and well-being.

The Impact of Neuroscience

On Well-Being and Results

In 2015, Andrea consulted with Mark Robert Waldman, one of the leading neuroscience researchers in the country, to help her make the connection between how the brain impacts learning, achievement, well-being and results. She wrote Level Up: A Brain-Based Strategy to Skyrocket Student Success and Achievement using the latest research to help others increase their learning potential and how to access those “aha” moments of learning. Her programs offer practical strategies that will help a person achieve realistic goals and to handle times when difficult emotions knock us off course. Andrea presents on the impacts of “Stress, Learning and the Brain” as well as topics including “Brain-Aligned Strategies to Skyrocket Literacy Achievement” and “Emotions, Learning and the Brain.”


25 Year Journey and Vision for Change

How a Book Can Change Your Life

Andrea Samadi, a middle school teacher from Toronto, asked her neighbor what he did for a living and was given a book that would change the direction of her life. Already feeling the effects of teacher burnout, she began working with students and success principles, skyrocketing their results with their grades, sports and life.

How 12 Teens Inspired Achieveit360

Became the Executive Director of “Youth Mentor International” working with hundreds of teens around the world with concepts that would later be called “Social and Emotional Learning.” It was here that the 12 teens inspired her to write her first book outlining success and leadership principles. She moved from Toronto to Arizona and used the principles in her own life when the world was turned upside down with 9/11/01.

Pearson Education

Began working with Pearson Education with students and educators across the country, thinking of ways that she could help educators reduce stress and increase learning with digital tools.

The Secret for Teens Revealed Book

Wrote The Secret for Teens Revealed and began working on ways to inspire students to be thinkers, creators and innovators.

Partnered with AZ Department of Ed (2014-2020)

Partnered with Arizona’s Department of Education for their Character Education and Matching Grant Program and began working with schools in USA, Canada and Internationally. Studied brain training with John Assaraf and wrote the Level Up book to help students and educators in the classroom after being coached by neuroscience researcher Mark Robert Waldman. The Secret for Teens Revealed: 10 Step Blueprint for Student Success.

John Maxwell Leadership Award Top 30 Education Category

Chosen as the Top 30 Nominees for Leadership in Education in 2015 across the country with the John Maxwell Leadership Awards.

ASBC Award with The Score Foundation

AchieveIT360 was named an American Small Business Champion by the SCORE Organization and Sam’s Club, representing the state of Arizona.

Began Brain-Based Presentations

Chosen to present on “Stress, Learning and the Brain” to help educators reduce stress and increase learning using neuroscience made simple for School Districts in Canada and the US. Presented on various topics including “Brain-Aligned Strategies to Skyrocket Literacy Achievement” as well as “Emotions, Learning and the Brain.”

Launched the Neuroscience Meets SEL Podcast

Launched The Neuroscience Meets SEL Podcast to meet the need of those looking to implement social and emotional learning or emotional intelligence training programs in the schools and workplace and continues to present on brain-related topics for schools and corporations to increase productivity and results using an understanding of the brain.

Neurocoaching Certificationwith Mark Robert Waldman

Began year long Neurocoaching Certification with Mark Robert Waldman.

Neuroscience Meets SEL Podcast Making a Global Impact

After just two years, The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning podcast has been listed in the Top 15 Best SEL Podcasts for 2021, and Top 20 Best Neuroscience Podcasts for 2021 and has featured some of the leading experts in neuroscience, education and the brain.

Neurocoaching Certificationwith Mark Robert Waldman

Completed Advanced Certification “Mindfulness-based Neurocoaching” with Mark Robert Waldman (200 hours in brain-based, evidence-based, and mindfulness-based coaching for personal, professional, and educational development). 

It's Official-Andrea Samadi Joins The Brightest Minds in Educational Technology

After 10 years of focus in the K-12 school market with Social and Emotional Learning and Educational Neuroscience, Andrea joins the brightest minds in educational technology, with The Cambium Learning Group, Lexia Learning, with the goal of helping students and educators in the country to improve student outcomes, by accelerating literacy with The Science of Reading.

A Vision for Change takes hard work and perseverance.

Our Mission: We help parents, teachers and employees to to improve well-being and achievement using simple neuroscience.