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Welcome back to the Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast for episode #144 with Tom Beakbane[i], author and president of Beakbane: Brand Strategies & Communications Inc., who has helped generate over $5 billion in brand value for his clients, and discover a new way to see the world.

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On this episode, we will take a mind-altering journey into his book How to Understand Everything: Consilience: A New Way to See the World[ii]

There is a new way to understand human beings — and everything else.

It’s known as consilience.

Consilience is a new paradigm that reveals how things self-organize from the bottom up – in contrast to how we think and communicate, which is from the top down.

This new paradigm exposes the realities of human nature on both personal and collective levels revealing the overlap between different domains of life: family, health, business, technology, politics, and spirituality.

Consilience will help you see things differently – and make people less puzzling.

I’m Andrea Samadi, author and educator from Toronto, Canada, now living in Arizona, and like many of our listeners, have been fascinated with learning and understanding the science behind high performance strategies in our schools, sports, and the workplace with strategies that we can all use, understand and implement, for improved results.

When I first came across Tom Beakbane, his work caught my attention, as it was right in line with episode #143 with Dr. Jon Lieff on The Secret Language of Cells. Tom wrote some feedback on my Linkedin post about this interview, and let me know that his work was right in line with Dr. Lieff’s. When I started reading his book, How to Understand Everything, I saw the many connections:

    • Between Understanding the Mind vs the Brain

How We Think and Communicate (from the top down)

The term consilience which means the “jumping together of different insights and realms of knowledge.

What consilience means in the different domains of life, health, business, technology.

I started to think about the questions I would ask Tom during our interview, and knew that even after diving into his book, that some discussion was required to be sure that I had a solid grasp of his years of research.

I can’t wait to hear what Tom Beakbane has to say in our interview, bringing light to this new way of thinking, and looking at the world.

Welcome Tom Beakbane, , thank you very much for speaking with me today. How to Understand Everything: Consilience: A New Way to See the World

Q1: From my communication with you this past week, I am sure you could see that I was finding it difficult to come up with questions for you because I want to be sure that I have a solid understanding of your book BEFORE we speak. Why do you think I found the topic difficult (when your book is all about how to understand everything) and it’s right in line with what my prior interviews? What is this new way of thinking or looking at the world, why might I have a hard time seeing it, and how did you discover it?

Q2: Searching for the meaning of “mind vs brain” is something I have also been interested in, and I recorded an episode on “Understanding the Difference Between the Mind and the Brain[iii]” on EPISODE #23 when we first began our podcast. I actually asked Dr. Jon Lieff this question in our last episode. Can you give your perspective of what is our mind vs our brain?

Q3:Listening to your prior podcasts, I was relieved when other interviewers had not heard of, or used the word consilience that’s in the title of your book (jumping together of ideas of different realms)?  Every email you sent me signs off with “wishing you consilience” and I could guess it means something like an integration of something…or a coming together of something…What does consilience mean and can you explain why you think it’s important for looking at life, health, business, technology and even sports?

Q4: In my last interview with Dr. Jon Lieff on the Secret Language of Cells, he talked about the fact that cells communicate with each other (or that a liver cell carries out specific things in that cell) and so there must be some sort of intelligence in our cells to know this. I know that you cover consciousness from a biological standpoint. You cover in Chapter 6 of your book Complex Critical Systems in Us. What have you discovered about our cells and how they organize themselves and what do you think consciousness is?

Q5: What can you tell us about our behavior and give us some understanding on ways to change behaviors that don’t serve us?

Q6: What is something important that you want listeners to know about your book? How can we make these ideas actionable for our listeners?

If anyone wants to learn more about you, what are the best places to find you?

Thank you very much Tom, for the time you took with me prior to our interview, and for sharing your extremely brilliant way of looking at the world.


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[ii] How to Understand Everything: Consilience: A New Way to See the World  by Tom Beakbane Published January 12, 2021

[iii] Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast EPISODE #23 on “Understanding the Difference Between Your Brain and Your Mind”