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About the Podcast

Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning | Listen Notes

The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast has now reached over 168 countries, with over 260+ episodes published and 260,000+ downloads.

We provide tools, resources and ideas for parents, teachers and employees to improve well-being, achievement and productivity using simple neuroscience.

Season 1: Provides you with the tools, resources and ideas to implement proven strategies backed by the most current neuroscience research to help you to achieve the long-term gains of implementing a social and emotional learning program in your school, or emotional intelligence program in your workplace.

Season 2: Features high level guests who tie in social, emotional and cognitive strategies for high performance in schools, sports and the workplace.

Season 3: Ties in some of the top motivational business books and guest with the most current brain research to take your results and productivity to the next level.

Season 4: Brings in positive mental health and wellness strategies to help cope with the stresses of life, improving cognition, productivity and results.

Season 5: Continues with the theme of mental health and well-being with strategies for implementing practical neuroscience to improve results for schools, sports and the workplace.

Season 6: The Future of Educational Neuroscience and its impact on our next generation. Diving deeper into the Science of Learning.

Season 7: Brain Health and Well-Being (Focused on Physical and Mental Health).

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