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Have you ever heard of Senolytics?[i] It’s the latest breakthrough in aging and longevity science that I honestly had not heard about until I had an email about our next guest, whose work I’m very familiar with.

Watch this interview on YouTube here

I’m a huge fan of Neurohacker Collective (that was founded in 2015 with a mission of creating best-in-class well-being products) and I’ve been following their work for years to learn anything and everything possible about bio-hacking. We even quoted Heather Sandison (a medical advisor and podcast host with Neurohacker Collective) on our HRV EPISODE. [ii] One quick look at their ABOUT US[iii] section on their website, and I saw many of the leaders, innovators in health, longevity and wellness around the world, and quite a few who we have interviewed, like Dr. Anna Lembke from EPISODE #162[iv], Dr. Stickler from EPISODE #96[v] and Dr. Vuyisich from EPISODE #93[vi] and in their Collective Insight Section you’ll see many names we quote often, like Dr. Andrew Huberman, Deepak Chopra, Dale Bredesen, David Rabin, Bruce Lipton, Michael Gelb, Jim Kwik…I could go on and on here. These are the leaders and innovators in the field of health, wellness and bio-hacking. This is going to be a phenomenal episode!

And with that, I want to welcome you back to The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast, where we cover the science-based evidence behind social and emotional learning (for schools) and emotional intelligence training (in the workplace) with tools, ideas and strategies that we can all use for immediate results, with our brain in mind.  I’m Andrea Samadi, an author, and educator with a passion for learning specifically on the topics of health, wellbeing and productivity, and launched this podcast to share how important an understanding of our brain is to our everyday life and results using the most current brain research. If there’s a tool, strategy or resource that I find, that could be helpful to improve productivity and results, whether we are a teacher in the classroom, a coach or in the modern workplace, I will share it here.

On today’s episode #285, we will be speaking with Dr. Gregory Kelly, the Director of Product Development at Neurohacker Collective[vii], a naturopathic physician (N.D.), and the author of the book Shape Shift: The Shape Intelligence Solution[viii] that’s all about getting healthy while creating your ideal shape.

As I was researching for this episode, I couldn’t help thinking “how on the earth did I miss this topic of senolytics?” since I’m always looking for anything new when it comes to productivity, health and wellness hacks. While preparing for this episode, the Neurohacker Collective Team was extremely helpful. Tina Gammon, their Marketing Manager, sent me the trio package of Qualia Senolytic for (Vision, Night and Mind) and I’ll be sharing the IMMEDIATE results I felt with the Night and Mind products, with a level of clarity I’ve never felt before.  I haven’t tried the VISION one yet but have lots of questions to ask Dr. Kelly about today.

So, hang tight, because on today’s science-packed episode, we’ll dive deep into this cutting edge topic, with the latest anti-aging research where we will cover:

  • What is cellular senescence?
  • What are the “Hallmarks of Aging” and why is cellular senescence an important hallmark?
  • The difference between cellular senescence and autophagy (with a quick review of 9th grade science mitosis).
  • Classical places where senescent cells take hold in the body.
  • The science to support senolytics from Mayo Clinic and Scripps Institute.
  • How do senolytics work?
  • The correct way to dose senolytics.
  • What makes Qualia Senolytic a groundbreaking supplement in the longevity space?

A bit first about Dr. Kelly.

He has extensive experience in both natural medicine and nutrition, and has been an influential figure in this field. He has served as the editor of the journal Alternative Medicine Review and taught Advanced Clinical Nutrition, Counseling Skills, and Doctor-Patient Relationships at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Kelly has also published hundreds of articles on natural medicine and nutrition, contributed three chapters to the Textbook of Natural Medicine, and has over 30 journal articles indexed on Pubmed. His areas of expertise include nootropics, anti-aging and regenerative medicine, weight management, sleep, and the chronobiology of performance and health. Additionally, he has helped develop several rare and powerful compounds that have scientifically shown senolytic activity, and which have a wider range of mechanisms than existing senolytic supplements available.

Before I get lost in my words on this topic, let’s meet Dr. Gregory Kelly, and see what we can learn today to open our eyes to something new in this ever-changing field of science, health and longevity.

Welcome Dr. Kelly. Thank you for being here on a Friday night. I’m curious with your background, what would you typically be doing on a Friday night (I imagine hanging out with Dr. Stickler and perhaps Dr. Andrew Huberman) talking about what you can create with the latest neuroscience research. Dr. Huberman advising you on your vision products, and Dr. Stickler, with a stack of tools for peak performance to investigate…is this what a typical Friday night would look like for you?

INTRO Q: Dr. Kelly, I watched your interview with Dave Asprey, because he’s been promoting your new Qualia product that we will be talking about today, all over the place, so I had to see what he asked you when he interviewed you (because he’s such a creative mind).  I loved how he asked you about why you called your company Neurohacker Collective! What a great question. Can you share the answer again for our audience, as it’s fitting for our podcast?

Q1: Can we start with the basics?  What is cellular senescence and can you explain it from the 2 angles-the Zombie explanation for the movie experts who tune into the podcast vs the gardener analogy?

1B: How do we know we have senescent cells? Is it like inflammation?

Q1C: We’ve talked about the concept of using exercise to prevent the shortening of telomeres on this podcast, but can you orient us with this idea and how it came into the evolution of aging?

Q2: Our podcast took a turn towards health and wellness during the pandemic and we picked 5 health staples to dive deep into. You can see a couple of people from your organization that we’ve had on the podcast and many others we quote. Can you look at the list I’ve chosen, and tell me what I’m missing if we were to compare them to the “Hallmarks of Aging?” that you’ve uncovered?

Q3: What’s the difference between cellular senescence and autophagy (with a quick review of 9th grade science/mitosis here) and what we should expect healthy cells to do in our body vs the ones that give us trouble?

Q4: What are some places where senescent cells take hold in the body?

What about the science that supports senolytics from Mayo Clinic and Scripps Institute? What should we know?

How do senolytics work?

Q5: Andrea’s vitamin story-I’ve got to also ask about the difference between taking vitamins that remove free radicals. It’s not easy to see what’s going on in the body. How would this be similar/different?

Q6: What’s the correct way to dose senolytics?  I loved that Dave Asprey was looking for a way to bio-hack what you’ve invented and perhaps take senolytics once a decade of something. Will this ever be a possibility?

Q7:  I’ve got to give a huge shout out to Tina Gammon, on your Marketing Team, as she made sure I was sent all 3 of your Qualia Senolytics (for Vision, Night and Mind). I tried the NIGHT one for optimized sleep, and now I’m someone who measures everything and sleep is one of my weakest links, but I had the craziest, most vivid dreams and definitely felt recharged when I woke up. I took the MIND one before my day began, and I’m someone who also logs my levels of CLARITY on a weekly basis (Brendon Burchard would like this done daily) but I did notice an usual surge of clarity.

Is this something you’ve heard of before? Is it usual to notice something like I did the VERY next day? What do most people notice?

What about the VISION one? Did you consult with Dr. Huberman with his expertise here on Ophthalmology? I wear contacts and am finally ready for laser eye surgery…should I hold off on using this one till I finish messing around with my eyesight?

Q8: What makes Qualia Senolytic a groundbreaking supplement in the longevity space?

Q9: As we wrap up and close out this episode, what’s one thing that you hope our listeners will take away from this episode on your work over the years, senolytic cells, Neurohacker Collective, and what we can do to optimize our health and longevity at the cellular level?

Thank you, Dr. Kelly, for coming on the podcast. I was so excited to meet you, dive deeper into this topic and think about how I’m going to implement this ground-breaking product into my day.  For people who want to try your Qualia Senolytics, I was thrilled to see that your team created an affiliate link and coupon code for our audience:

Code: NEUROSCIENCE (good for 15% off purchase).

Is there one product that you recommend plain Qualia Senolytic vs the specific versions I have for VISION, MIND and NIGHT?

Thank you again for your time on a Friday night.


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