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Welcome to EPISODE #31, this is Andrea Samadi, a former educator who has been fascinated with understanding the science behind high performance strategies in schools, sports and the workplace for the past 20 years. Today we have a flashback interview from 2016. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing some of our high-level interviews that are hosted in our online learning portal for schools and the workplace. These interviews are eye-opening with some of the most powerful insights from world leaders, and high achievers from around the globe. This interview was audio only, but there are some visuals on YouTube of Nik’s work.

Today I want to introduce you to The Thrillionaire® Entrepreneurial Alchemist, Civilian Astronaut, Extreme Adventurer, and Keynote Speaker. Nik Halik is the founder and CEO of Lifestyle Revolution and 5 Day Weekend®. He became a multi-millionaire and amassed great wealth through savvy investments in property, business and the financial markets. Nik’s group of companies have financially educated and life coached over 1 Million clients in over 57 countries.

Nik has trekked to over 157 countries, dived to the wreck of the Titanic to have lunch on the bow, been active as a mountaineer on some of the world’s highest peaks, performed a HALO skydive above the summit of Mt Everest in the Himalayas, climbed into the crater of an exploding erupting volcano [1,700 Degrees Fahrenheit] for an overnight sleepover and just recently, entering the hermit kingdom of North Korea to expose a sweat shop factory operating illegally for an American conglomerate. To learn more about Nik Halik visit or find him on Twitter @nikhalik or Facebook Nik Halik. He was the back-up Astronaut for the NASA / Russian Soyuz TMA-13 flight to the International Space Station in 2008. He currently remains in mission allocation status for a future flight to Earth’s only manned outpost in orbit– the International Space Station with the Russian Federation.

Andrea Samadi: He has a crazy background. If you look him up, you can see, and when you get to know Nik, you learn that he’s humble down to earth with zero ego. He just wants to do as much as he can to help others. Take a listen to what Nik has to say. His story is so powerful, it will blow your mind on how he’s taken his vision for his life and created a screenplay for that vision and how he’s living that out now.


Question 1: I’ve never seen anyone who has set and achieved such high goals for themselves. What was the situation that ignited your passion to live life to its fullest?

Question 2: How did you heal your body so you could go out into the world and accomplish your goals?

Question 3: Nik, you make everything look so simple. Was what you have done difficult? How do you approach the obstacles you have faced?

Question 4: Do you still count down each day in your life so you live each day to it’s fullest? NOTE: The ticker website is no longer working, but the concept or idea is valuable.

Question 5: What do you do in your down time? Do you watch tv and if so, what are you watching/learning from these days?

Introduction: For the first decade of his life, Nick Halik was medically confined to his bedroom, so at age eight he drafted the screenplay of his life, including his top 10 list of goals. At age 14 he opened up his very first business. At age 17 he relocated to Hollywood, California to perform live on stage. At age 19 he bought his very first investment property. Five years later, he became a multimillionaire. Now he owns private homes in the most beautiful places on earth, nature versus the planet and pursues exciting how your adrenaline and Epic adventures. He has summited the highest mountains in the world and visited over 100 countries. He’s dived down five miles and had lunch on the bow of the ship wreck Titanic. He empowers thousands of individuals, passionately sharing his life story and insights on how to live a true life. In 2009, he wrote an additional goal to create and inspire 1 million new thrilling airs across the globe and to sell fund the building of educational schools in poor remote villages across South America and Africa. Nik became a flight qualified and certified civilian astronaut. Now he’s set to rocket to outer space, live on a space station and with future plans to walk the lunar surface of the moon, completing the remainder of his original top 10 list of goals. Let’s give a warm welcome to global wealth strategists, successful entrepreneur, national speaker, astronauts, high adrenaline adventure and best selling author.

Andrea Samadi: Nik, we are thrilled to speak with you today where we reached you today.

Nik Halik:  I’m just basically, you know, in a airline lounge right now. I’ve just been traveling around the world. I’ve been in Iran, Italy, and Brazil the last,  10 days. I’ve been in a whirlwind tour. And, right now I’m just making my way to Asia and Australia the next few days.

Andrea Samadi: So exciting. Now, Nik, the purpose of this call is to inspire young people who study the Jumpstart to Success program. So they’re motivated and empowered by your story to create their own exciting ethic following your lead in example. Now I’m going to give a quick background for those who are listening and have not heard of Nik Halik yet, but if anyone goes on Google and just looks up your name, you’ll be blown away by what he has accomplished in his lifetime. Now, Nik, I’ve never heard of people who’ve set goals like this. Can you go and explain to our listeners what situation influenced you to set such extraordinary goals for yourself

Nik Halik: Definitely you know, like, I mean for the first 10 years of my life, for those who are not really privy to my life story, but,  I was medically confined to my bedroom. I had chronic allergies, debilitating asthma, and I pretty much led that the boy in the plastic bubble type life kind of thing. I never really joined academia until about age 10. So I believe my initial conditioning was somewhat different because I sort of grew up, I mean my, my initial mentors where the encyclopedia Britannica and the world of Tintin who was this animated cartoon hero, this Robin reporter going into most craziest adventures around the world. And it’s amazing how sort of reflect on my life. I mean there’s the articulate side, but there’s also the, the, there’s also the,  the kaleidoscopic adventurous side gang on wakey crazy adventures and all sorts of this kind of things.

Nik Halik: So for me, I sort of grew up differently because the world, to me, that, I will never be able to lead, live a ordinary life. I mean, I’ll always be played by medical complications, medical hurdles or whatever. So for me, I’ve, I just changed the polarity on the whole world. I mean, I just changed my whole map of the world. In fact, you know, basically everybody knows, I just perceived it as a temporary. Yes and I just, I kind of, I just changed the polarity of my thinking. So an actual fact as opposed to being tired, I was going to live a very ordinary lifestyle. I knew that I to extract more out of my life in order to live a more extra ordinary type life. So at age eight, I drafted the screenplay to my life and those top 10 list of goals, is basically consumed over 32 years of my life and I’m still acting out those goals, those very same goals.

Andrea Samadi: Wow. What a story.That’s just amazing. I can understand how it happened because I’m a mom and I had a daughter who was ill, very ill, young, and so I’d had to pull her out of school so I understand how it happened, but in my head, at age 10, how did you, did you heal yourself, do you think?

Nik Halik: Here’s the thing, I mean, I was placed in an incubator round about 30 days old and I mean I was, I was actually born a 10 pound five ounces and I, and I lost a lot of weight. I got really sick, was in and out of hospitals for like for the first, you know, the first eight years kind of thing. And that was tough and for a long time there, you know, in incredibly paranoid parents as you can imagine. But here’s the thing, you know, say pharmaceutically,  doped, you know, addicted and it wasn’t around until about age 10 that I basically just stopped taking all the pharmaceutical drugs. You see. The thing was my immune system was so addicted. These debilitating and chronic allergies and asthma.

Nik Halik: What have you, I mean, You are so weak that I’m even a sick of dust and in cental Poland. But, I stopped, I changed the polarity thinking I stopped, I refuse to go the doctors and the hospitals and I refuse to take the medication. And, it wasn’t like an overnight turnaround. But, it was a gradual process and I just, you know, I mean, I really healed. But here’s the thing, I, I believe that the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry had sabotaged my health and all I basically did was, you know, I gave life to that particular you know, mindset I guess. And I, I had personally altered that particular paradigm and change it. So I can just, I can do things more on my terms as opposed to being dictated to by the pharmaceutical industry.

Andrea Samadi: absolutely. So you really did find and prove the mind body connection,

Nik Halik: And it’s like a particular frequency. Once you dial into it, it’s like bottles of the bag. It’s like there was just, you know, there was a whole world that that appeared to me kind of thing. And, for me, what really kept me going was when I, when I sort of digested and absorbed every page of the encyclopedia Britannica, I knew there was a world that that existed outside my bedroom windows kind of thing. And that was the one of those that was that captivating, caliber budding type energy though that kept me going because I wanted to like, you know, live their life that existed in the encyclopedia Britannica. And I knew that all’s all up to me and that’s an actual day. And the crazy thing was a, I wrote down my top 10 list of goals and as I reflect on our same top 10 list of goals, inadvertently what I did was I drafted the screenplay to my life because, and, and since age eight, you know, I’ve been the actor, the producer, and a director of my top 10 screenplay that I wrote down as an eight year old.

Nik Halik: And you know, I’m still accountable to their young eight year old. They’re still resides in my heart because here’s my coach and I’m still the student because it’s the little, this little eight year old kid still inside me, they’re still dictates and drives my life.

Andrea Samadi: Wow. Nick, it’s such a powerful story when, when I read what you’ve accomplished, I was curious how you got past and healed your body to start blowing out all your goals so at age 14 opening your first business. It couldn’t have just happened. Like it seemed like it was so easy for you.

Nik Halik: I mean, trust me, I’ve had every medical, every medical hurdle and obstacle. I mean, I’m going to want, I embrace obstacles. I love obstacles. I look, I seek obstacles where most people actually feel and a deterred by them. For me, it’s the only way to grow and for me. And so I’m so fortunate, even though I had all these, I had all these medical dramas, I’m so fortunate to have had that type of experience because it extracted more out of my life. It extracted more out of me because, you know, being pharmaceutically addicted, I lost my faculty of thinking. Whereas I claimed ownership on my thinking and you know, and you know. And an interesting thing was, you know, those top 10 list of goals. I didn’t view it as a, as a bucket list because I don’t believe in bucket lists.

Nik Halik: I think, I think buckle is a very negative because you know, why have a buckle list and you know, and then you know, be told you’ve got terminal cancer and then one day decide to live a life. I mean, I became the assessment on my own life. In other words, they become this. I became like an assassin going out there to make sure that I extract the most kaleidoscopic adventures and just add as much color into my life and nothing because I was deprived of that in my first book and using my life. Trust me. I mean, you know, I’ve just, life has just reciprocated with interests for me.

Andrea Samadi: Absolutely. I actually saw an interview that you did on 21st century TV with Lou Hardy that you mentioned that you had somewhere a ticker. Do you still do that Are you still, um, timing each day as if it’s your last

Nik Halik: yeah, I’ve actually got a, I’ll put up a website a number of years ago and it’s basically my, my countdown clock to my life expiry enough basically every day. I mean, I’m, you know, I, all my life I’ve always, I’ve always done the most extreme things, but I’ve always polarized and changed the polarity of how I basically view life. NOTE: The ticker is no longer on Nik’s website, but the idea is still valuable.

Nik Halik: I mean, look, there are statistics out there that basically tell how long I’m going to live for, for example, a female in America is about, uh, about 81 and for a male 77 is the average. Well, here’s the thing, why do people buy into this? What do people bind to these statistics? And what I view, you know, these are invested interests, is, is there an agenda. And it turned out to a lot of individuals when they do retire with continues in retirement, most people tend to die because they’ve lost it. They’ve given up a purpose led life a lot without purpose, basically all you’re doing is you’ll, you’ll, you’re retiring and you’ll find your job securing preparation to dichotomy. So for me, I love life because I knew that the first 10 years of my life were very, very young and very tumultuous kind of thing.

Nik Halik: So for me, I love live and I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that I loved my life and live my life each day as if it’s my lines kind of thing. And genetically wise, looking at my family tree, my great, great grandparents, my grandparents, and you know, really exemplary the family tree and examining my culture, the foods that I eat, how I live my life. I sort of worked out a particular age that I see foreseeable in relation to my light’s expiring date. And I created a, I created a countdown clock.

Nik Halik: I’ve got a thousand of clients who are using my philosophy and they’ve taught me that the productivity levels have skyrocketed over 200% because they’re getting more done on the day. They’re this, they’re smiling, they’re more happy each day because they’re approaching age days. If it’s the last day. And think about it, if today was your last day, what would you do differently You’ll extract more out of it. You’ll tell people that you love them, you know, your contact friends they haven’t seen in years, and take them out to lunch, you’ll go down and do dates, point of vigils without the accolades kind of thing. You’d go in there and make a difference. So that’s exactly how I approached my life on a daily basis. So, I mean today, I’ve got you can, you can probably, I’ll tell you exactly how many, how many thousands of hours I’ve got to go.

Nik Halik: Um, It’s probably about, I mean, you’ve probably got a you could probably say for yourself, but it’s a very, very unique social experiment that’s really had a great impact on my clients.

Andrea Samadi:So there is no television watching on your end? I see you don’t waste your time?

Nik Halik: I’ll look, I’ll watch probably television at nighttime kind of thing. But for me it’s gotta be, um, it’s going to be educational. It’s gonna be something, it’s going to be insightful. And it’s unfortunate. I mean, I live in the United States in an 85% of American television is all reality TV. I mean, you know, there’s, here’s the thing, the system right now, the way it works, there’s, there’s a, there’s an agenda right now about the dumbing, the dumbing down and the numbing, the numbing down on the world’s population. Because when you dumbed down the population, you keep them in field and then capitalism kicks in and you make sure that, um, uh, society basically takes on way too much debt.

Nik Halik: Now they live in fear of losing their house, their job, their car, and whatever kind of thing. And now you’re, you’re dumbing down the population. You feed them crap on television, which means you’re now able to control the population. It control the faculty of their respective thinking. And what happens People die on time. Why Because it’s, it’s, I mean, look, there’s, there’s a lot of thinking around this. And the way I look alive is I’m not gonna allow anybody else to dictate their perception of me. I’m not gonna, I’m not gonna allow anybody else to define my reality. In other words, I’ve drafted my own screenplay of my own date, my own expiry date. Uh, in life. There are two rules. One of the one, there are no rules. One, number two is don’t forget rule number one. And that’s pretty much how I view live.

Nik Halik: And I, I can control anything in the world except the weather and traffic. But I want to, I want control. I want total dominion about everything in life. And for me, it’s all about I’m living, love my own terms and conditions at all times.

Andrea Samadi: Absolutely, did anyone discourage you or laugh when you showed them your goals?

Nik Halik: You know what, And it only served the purpose of energizing me further. And I love it. I, NASA is a lab dream still is. A lot of individuals are say no because I perceived a person’s no as a temporary. Yes. Because ultimately I will always get in my way. Right. You know, you know, I’ll negotiate my way out of any particular circumstance in life. I’ll always get to my way because, you know, for me it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s not about changing my life.

Nik Halik: I want to impact other people’s lives because in the words of Socrates, Socrates said in life, and let it be measured by your contribution. You know So for me, I view myself and my teachings as a bottle break for, you know, for freedom seeking free spirit of visionaries, change agents, rebels, rockstars, entrepreneurs and pioneers. And that is my why. That’s what defines me. That’s what drives me and me. That’s what I’m, you know, that’s what really calibrates me because there are individuals just like me who says they are different, you know, I mean, you know, I mean, I’ve cut a part of my life now to the highest order right now. You know, why Because I sensed the disturbances in the fabric of human society and I knew there was something there. And I’m new and I’m, and I view my teachings and my, my, my role as a leader right now, you know, uh, I’m a big enough light, Illumina and a path for others to follow. I want to be a lighthouse. I want to inspire them so they in turn can inspire the next generation and the next generation kind of thing. Because, you know, the way I look at it, there’s a brain rewarding neural pathway, which gives access to that reckless life quality that produces this particular calibration of energy.

Andrea Samadi: Absolutely.  How did you, who mentored you to get to this level of thinking I know the adventures of Tintin on television, the Britannica, but, who, who got your mind to this level?

Nik Halik: Yeah. Well, here’s the thing, right Um, you know, for the age of the men, I’ve always been inspired by a lot of individuals. I’ve always been inspired by a lot of individuals, um, historical figures who then became part of my virtual mastermind in my teenage years. I used to have cutouts on my virtual mastermind individuals from the history. And I would always, I would always recount back to them and go, what would he say What would he do What would they say So I had my virtual mastermind. They were pretty much a part of my life and my teenage years. But it wasn’t until I arrived in the United States as a teenager that I’m Bob Proctor’s teaching. Bob, we had a great kaleidoscopic influence I have in my life kind of thing. And, you know, Bob gave me a set of You Were Born Rich and Bob Proctor also exposed me to Napoleon Hill or all in the same year.

Nik Halik: And mind you, I was only a teenager at this particular point. And the funny thing is being exposed to Napoleon Hill’s work by Bob Proctor, I’m now an advisor for the Napoleon Hill Foundation. I’ve actually partnered with them and I’ve been involved at a couple of projects with them, in a couple of their, products, which is, which has been a great, a great testimony to their particular calibrating mindset kind of thing. But being exposed as a young teenager and now being an advisor for their sane Napoleon Hill Foundation,  and absolute buzz. But definitely I actually, Bob Proctor is my, in a Bob’s like the alkaline battery of the personal development industry kind of thing. And Bob Proctor, you know, I call him my godfather, but, he’s had his, an amazing impact on my life too. And I love the guy. I mean, I’m going to be with him in a couple of months time. We’ll be speaking together in Toronto, in Canada. But, he truly is an Epic individual.

Andrea Samadi: Absolutely. We share the same mentor. He’s behind the whole Jumpstart to Success program through videos. And he’s definitely the one that I met in my late twenties that changed my path.

Nik Halik: Right. Definitely. It like, you know, he drills deeper than anybody else in the industry kind of thing. And like is a, is it really is a, it’s just a, is this a wonderful noble individuals, a wonderful person.

Andrea Samadi: Exactly. Now, Nick, what are you doing now with your time What’s your next step

Nik Halik: Well, for me, I’m, I’m on this constant quest to basically, visit every country on the planet. I’ve now been to 135 countries. I’ve got 63 more countries remaining. You know, I’ve climbed the highest mountains in the world. You know, I’ve had lunch in the Titanic, I’ve rocketed into space. You know, I’ve, I’ve explored the deepest caves with the largest crystals on the planet. So for me, it’s all about adding more color to my life, you know, and I’ve got, all those remaining 10 goals that are right down as a young eight year old, eight down, two to go. I’ve got to fly to the international space station in the coming years that I’ve already negotiated with the Russian government. And the bigger hurdle, which will be number one, will be toward the lunar surface of the moon. And, um, I’ve got a backup plan if my life was to expire for whatever reason, I’ve already paid an American consortium to rock and my crematory remains to the literal sense of the moon.

Nik Halik: That way I will get to walk an event because on the moon there is no atmosphere, no rain, no wind, meaning where my ashes are sprinkled on the moon, I will get to walk on the moon irrespective, I guess, you know. So for me it’s all about, um, you know, um, there’s so much I want to do and it’s like I’m, I’m just, you know, I’m, I’m blessed to live this life and I don’t waste each day. I, man, I make each day count, you know, I want to impact people’s lives on a daily basis kinda thing. And for me that’s, that’s what’s really, um, as what’s calibrated very, very strong in me ever since I was a young boy kind of thing. And, you know, ultimately it’s my responsibility to leave the world a better place. You know, it’s the legacy, it’s the footprints that I’ll leave behind and I want to keep that big and of light, still illuminating for the next few centuries. That is

Andrea Samadi: absolutely. Well, Nick, you’re incredibly inspiring and we want to follow you and keep up learning from you as you keep moving forward. What’s the best way for people to learn and watch you?

Nik Halik: Definitely

Andrea Samadi: Well, you’re such an inspiration, Nick, and I want to thank you so much for taking the time as you’re traveling on the road and all over the world to speak with our students that will study the Jumpstart to Success program. We’re going to follow you and I’ll keep everyone updated on where Nik is and we just want to thank you so much. You’re an amazing individual, so inspiring and you’re definitely making an impact on the world.

Nik Halik: Thank you so much. Definitely. So, you know, in passing, just, you know, dare to dream, Liberty, passion, define your smile and just monetize your passion and monetize your life. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time.