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Today we have a very special guest. She is someone who has helped us at with ideas, video editing, student voice and customized art work since 2015. If you have a copy of the Level Up book, she’s the teen artist on the back cover who designed the original cover of the book for a school administrator who requested a customized version for his school and you can also see more about her story in the history and testimonial section. She was involved in creating the name of the book and program, Level Up, and the videos in the program, all with the teen in mind. She learned how to take action on her ideas at an early age, without any limits in her mind, and we are so excited to share her most recent news. She just accepted a 4 year, all paid, prestigious leadership scholarship at the University of AR Fort Smith and begins this adventure this week! Welcome Sam.

    Can you give us an example of when you FIRST started to use your voice as a young teen, and the results that you created by staying true to yourself and developing your strengths/passions/talents with your artwork?Looking back now, what skills would you say you learned as a teen that helped you with the success you’ve attained with you most recent achievement?What advice do you have for other students as they are navigating through HS to stay focused on the end result vs drama that can be a part of this time period?What tips do you have for students who would like to apply for a scholarship like you did? Where do they begin? How do you ever find out about scholarships like this?How about parents of teens? How can we help our kids be more successful? What should we do more of/less of?What about secondary school educators? How can they help their students be more successful?What has winning this scholarship been like for you? How did it feel when you first got the news?What are you learning there? What will this year look like for you?What types of courses/programs will you receive that are different than a typical 4-year student? (Extensive Team Building, and other?)Where do you see yourself AFTER your scholarship?What are you most excited about learning?Is there anything that you think is important that we have not covered yet about your journey to get to this point?

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share your story with us. We are thrilled to see the results that you have created for yourself and know that this is only the beginning. You are destined for a very bright future. Well done.