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On this episode you will learn:

✔︎ How Hilary Decesare, who made her first million at 32, got involved with giving back and ended up on the TV Show, Secret Millionaire.

✔︎ How the story of Hilary’s Mom, connected with Andrea and an untold story with her and Bob Proctor.

✔︎ What Hilary learned from leaving her home, and going into a poverty struck area in Long Beach, CA.

✔︎ What is the 3HQ™ Method to help people move from their head, to their heart, to higher self.

✔︎ How anyone can reLaunch their personal or professional life.

✔︎ How John Assaraf helped Andrea and Hilary to ReLaunch their life and business.

✔︎ How to begin, and join Hilary’s book launch on June 9th.

For returning guests, welcome back, and for those who are new here, I’m Andrea Samadi, author, and educator, with a passion for learning, understanding difficult concepts, and breaking them down so that we can all use and apply the most current research to improve our productivity and results in our schools, sports environments, and modern workplaces. On today’s EPISODE #219, we will be speaking with an award-winning business expert, international best-selling author, host of “The reLAUNCH Podcast”[i] and “The reLAUNCH” on Voice America’s Talk Show Network, Hilary DeCesare who I feel a connection to, even before we’ve met. This interview will be interesting for me to see how this connection unfolds during the interview, and if it becomes apparent.

She’s a sought-after speaker, founder of The Relaunch Co., and previously one of Oracle’s top account managers worldwide, who brings fresh energy to industry leaders, CEOs, and solopreneurs. She holds a psychology degree and a range of certifications in her field, and has been featured on ABC’s hit TV series Secret Millionaire. Her insights have been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and mentioned in the Huffington Post, Yahoo, Market Watch, and others. As an innovator in neuropsychology as it relates to business and life, Hilary DeCesare has cultivated her experience to illuminate a heart-driven path to conquer today’s shifting landscape, re-imagining personal and professional success.

When I received an email introduction to Hilary’s work, I noticed that she was on the TV Show, Secret Millionaire, that I’ve seen and find inspiring. I love seeing people give back after they have found their way in this world, and Hilary Decesare definitely has a purpose to help others find their way which is what her new book, and podcast are all about. I had no idea just how much Hilary’s work would connect with mine, with many parallels that I hope will become apparent in the interview.

This is one of those interviews that I know how has the ability to completely transform someone listening. When ignoring her intuition resulted in fearing for her life at the edge of Niagara Falls, this award-winning Silicon Valley CEO and entrepreneur Hilary DeCesare was shocked into realizing she needed a deep reassessment of who she was and why. The answers surfaced where she least expected—her late mother. In RELAUNCH! Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life, Hilary immerses the reader in a world of neuroscience, to uncover a powerful secret that we all harbor: The 3HQuotient. This is the power to leverage the three H’s—the Heart, the Head and the Higher Self. Stay tuned and learn some of the top lessons and personal stories from Hilary as well as from other experts like John Gray, John Assaraf  and Jim Fortin.

Let’s meet Hilary Decesare, and see what she can share to help all of us to see the silver lining of what’s happening in the world today, and for anyone out there, thinking of a reLaunch (maybe a new career path, or considering a new direction) this is her specialty.

Welcome Hilary Decesare, it’s such a pleasure to meet you. Hilary, like you’ve said on your podcast, reLAUNCH, you mentioned how lucky you feel to get to speak to such incredible people like your last guest, Dr. John Gray, whose book Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus was one of the most influential books of the last quarter century. I feel the same way, especially as I’m researching people and making many connections to what I’m learning and I wonder, just to open up and help people to quickly get to know the spirit of who you are, can you share perhaps why someone who made their first million at the age of 32 got involved in this work of helping others to see the “silver lining” in what many would consider very difficult times?

Your book, that isn’t due out until June 9th, but I found it and made a connection with how you saw your Mom and it related to a story of when I first moved to the US. Can I share this story that made me connect to you BEFORE I found another connection?

You Mom Taking Pride in Painting Your House (that gave you inspiration) reminded me of the Bob Proctor window cleaning story. Bob took pride in cleaning windows, just like your Mom took pride in painting that house.

What did you learn from your Mom in PART 1 of the book with her painting story?

We just interviewed Dr. Marie Gervais on EPISODE #214[ii] on her new book “The Spirit of Work” that I think resonates with your 3HQ™ Method (before I know what it is) because her book is about getting to the “spirit of a person in the workplace, to make a true impact. It wasn’t long while researching you that I was able to see beyond what we might see on the outside, and see the power and presence that you hold within with your spirit.  Maybe it was watching you go into that place in Long Beach, leaving your LA home behind (and all that you had that makes you comfortable) and watch how you could see the silver lining (or the spirit) of that situation that not many people would do. What did you learn from that experience that the show didn’t cover? Maybe insights you see now, looking back?

Q1: Hilary, I think anyone listening should go and watch your Secret Millionaire[iii] clip as it was eye-opening to see, especially in these difficult times we are all experiencing. You think it just can’t get any worse, and then it does, but nothing was as difficult to see for me than that house you had to stay in and I’m not picky when I travel, but a place needs to be clean. As we move to your book, RELAUNCH, that comes out June 9th, What is the 3HQ™ Method and how could it help people listening who might be going through a difficult time and in need of a  reLAUNCH? (Heart, Head, Higher Self)

Q2: You’ve got a unique approach to helping people uncover and get rid of their limiting beliefs. What is your BUGS approach, and where did you learn this? Did you have any negative beliefs and how did you get rid of yours? How do we identify our limiting beliefs?

Q3: Why do you say you must be invisible to be visible if you are going to have success in your personal and professional life?

Q4: How do you tap into your intuition? Can you explain the “Power of Pause” more?

Q5: I noticed that you have an incredible testimonial from someone who helped me back in 2014 (when I moved in the new direction of Neuroscience with my work),  New York Times Best Selling author, John Assaraf. How did you meet John, or did he just send you a testimonial for your book (since I know him, I know you must know him to gain access to his knowledge.

Q6: Hilary, is there anything important that I have missed?

For those who want to join your book launch on June 9th, what’s the best way?  TEXT 55444 and put Relaunch to gain access to everything on the book.

Thank you, Hilary, for meeting with me today. I was impacted by your work at the first glance of the email your offices sent me. It wasn’t difficult to get to the heart and spirit of your work and know that you will continue to help others reach new heights. I will put the links for your social media for people to follow you and wish you much success with this new book, and workshops and helping as many people as you can to find their way, and the silver lining. Thank you!



RELAUNCH! Spark Your Heart to Ignite Your Life is an empowerment manifesto to yourself – it explores the 3HQTM: the intersection between the Head and the Heart and how to reach your Higher Self. It’s about learning how to live your most fulfilling life and to take it to the next level… and beyond.

Andrea’s Final Thoughts

To wrap up this interview with Hilary Decesare on her new book, Relaunch, if you are in a place where you think there could be more for you (whether in your professional or personal life), I think the strategies that Hilary outlines in her book could be a really good starting point. I do hope that you will join her launch and grab her book.

In Part 1, on the heart, you’ll see the story of Hilary’s Mom painting the house, showing us all how to move from the heart to the soul and examine our work to see if we take pride in what we are doing.

In PART 2 we move to our head, and look at the reLaunch Flip™ where we go from being a victim with our story, to a victor and eliminate those BUGS (or automatic limiting negative thoughts) in our head that we all have.

We will see how when all of the H’s—the heart, head and higher self are connected, it will open up pathways that will connect us to others and new life experiences. Without a balance within our three H’s, it’s difficult for us to reach our highest potential.

REMEMBER: When we feel stuck, we aren’t really stuck, but it’s our thinking that is stuck and needs to shift/change. This process will help you to find the possibilities where you might only see closed doors.

PART 3 We look at our higher self and learn to use our intuition to find answers from within so we can trust the decisions that we make.

If you are looking for a way to reinvent yourself in some way, this book will give you many ideas for where to begin and what to look for in the process. Re Launch is a life-long program as we will need to Relaunch many times over in our lifetime.

I thought of the many times I’ve had to reinvent myself and was able to do so quickly as I had access to so many programs through the speaking industry I worked in for many years. Hilary’s book covers everything I have even seen (from John Assaraf, to Bob Proctor, Carol Dweck, and even Dr. Amen).   This book covers them all.

I’ll close with a quote from John Assaraf who helped me to reLaunch when I needed to move in the direction of Neuroscience. He says “

“If you’re not in touch with who you really are and know that there is way more you can do and achieve, Hilary DeCesare shows how to put yourself on the path to not just manifestation, but transformation, starting from the inside out. Read the book, apply its lessons and watch your life soar to heights you have only dreamed about.” – John Assaraf, Brain expert Featured in The Secret, and two-time New York Times bestselling author

See if Hilary’s stories resonate with you, like they did with me.  We all have the ability to reLaunch and come out stronger on the other side.

See you next week.


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