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“If you’re going to live, leave a legacy. Make a mark on the world that can’t be erased.” Maya Angelou

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On this episode we will cover:

✔ How Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram found The Neuroscience Meets SEL Podcast, and what resonated with him, with our content.

✔ Why after building 7 companies, Dr. Hasan is looking at leaving a legacy that lasts far beyond this lifetime.

✔ Where Dr. Hasan has been focused in the business world (Brainvincible and Matrickz) and why he wants to help others to achieve financial freedom.

✔ For the man known to be “The Most Disciplined Man in Germany” what discipline means to him.

✔ What he thinks discipline can do for someone over long periods of time.

✔ What he cautions us about with being tied to the outcomes of our daily results.

✔ How this book he came across when he was 16 (that I also read) completely changed who he was, increased his self-esteem and skyrocketed his success in business and life.

✔ How he thinks people like Edison, Einstein and Michael Jackson used the principles in this book, to reach breakthrough levels in their life and work.

✔ About the strangest longevity strategy he’s ever heard!

Welcome back to The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast where we bridge the gap between theory and practice, with strategies, tools and ideas we can all use immediately. I’m Andrea Samadi and launched this podcast to share how important an understanding of our brain is for our everyday life and results. It’s probably taken me 3 and a half years  of hosting this podcast, (looking back now) to see how much these weekly interviews have expanded my own self-awareness by picking the brains of some of the most brilliant minds on the planet in high performance, connecting their strategies to the most current brain research, and then sharing what I’m learning with you here on the podcast. If our results really are tied back to our level of awareness, then it makes sense to me that we keep sharing the success secrets, used by those who have risen to the top, with the goal that we can ALL do the same, and take our results to those higher levels of achievement.

For today’s EPISODE #260, we will be speaking with a serial entrepreneur from Munich, Germany, Dr. Hasan Ibne Akram[i], someone who has been obsessed with high performance and biohacking for years. Since 2005, he’s created disruptive companies in multiple industries (automotive with his company Matrickz[ii], brain and performance, with his company Brainvincible[iii], and real estate to name a few) that are changing the way we live, think, and work. Dr. Hasan reached out to me as he had been enjoying our podcast, and wanted to share his perspective and journey, that he thought could bring value to our audience and I agreed.

I watched a few of his other interviews, and one that he did a year ago, with Craig Ballantyne[iv] (who’s a well-known business coach and entrepreneur from my hometown, Toronto, Canada)  called “The Millionaire Monk’s Abundance Formula[v]” stuck out to me, so I listened to it. It was here that I learned Dr. Hasan and I have a lot of our influencers in common that he mentioned opened his mind to the possibilities that exist when you fully optimize the power of your brain and mind.

The program he created, Brainvincible helps those in schools, sports or the workplace to improve their communication and creativity skills, helps athletes to optimize their skills and abilities to achieve precision and regeneration, as well as helping students to improve their study habits to achieve higher grades.  I had to look at who Dr. Hasan studied, and what motivated him to create a course like this, and low and behold, Dr. Hasan, from Munich, Germany, took the same course that I took many years ago, where we both learned how to use the power of visualization to create what we wanted in our life, and use our imagination to solve problems.  Dr. Hasan learned about The Silva Method[vi] when he was 16 and I came across this method while working in the seminar industry, and used it in many different ways over the years. Dr. Hasan used this method to skyrocket his grades and self-confidence, and years later he began searching for ways to further enhance his brain’s capacities.

I can’t wait to ask Dr. Hasan about his unique perspective after he’s dedicated years of study to bio-hacking to improve performance, with some of the most unique brain-training strategies I’ve ever come across. Let’s meet Dr. Hasan Akram, who’s been called “Germany’s Most Disciplined Man” and learn from his experience, to see how we can further improve our own brain’s capacity, and skyrocket our results to new heights.

Welcome Dr. Hasan, it’s incredible to meet you.

INTRO Q: Dr. Hasan, I feel like we are kindred souls, even though this is just our second time meeting. When I listened to your interview with Craig Ballantyne, who you mentioned is from my hometown, I felt instantly connected, with everything you were saying, from where you began to see the power of your mind and brain with The Silva Program, to Dave Asprey’s Biohacking, to even your practice of using the early morning time to find answers to questions—I thought, this guy seems like me (except I don’t run 4 companies). I’ve got to ask you, when you found our podcast, what resonated with you, and our content, enough that you took the time to send me a note?

I’m very glad you did. It’s been nothing short of transformational hearing what you have created, from very humble beginnings, using many of the strategies we’ve been talking about on this podcast.

It’s clear from your background that there’s a lot we can all learn from your experiences. Instead of starting with where this all began for you, I wonder if we could connect the dots, looking backwards and explore some of your best success secrets that could help our audience, myself included?

Q1: So here you are, you’ve built 4 successful companies, (CORRECTION: Dr. Hasan has built 7 companies) and then I heard you say that you want to help people beyond your lifetime. This is an incredible legacy to leave, but I wonder, looking back now, at what point were you clear with your purpose, and the legacy that you want to leave? And what is your legacy?

There’s more to what we are doing here than the money we make, or the things we can buy with it.

Can you give an overview of your businesses so we can all get an idea of what you have built with Brainvincible[vii] and Matrickz?[viii] And have I missed something that you’ve created that’s important to highlight?

Q2: My next question is about discipline. I love watching people who have this trait. I heard it mentioned the other day and I wrote it down, knowing it was important to take a closer look at its meaning. Then I saw it again, as I was interviewing Friederike Fabritius (from Germany) on EPISODE #258[ix], she hit the Wall Street Journal’s Best Selling List for business books, and a couple of books under hers was Ryan Holiday’s book, Discipline is Destiny: The Power of Self-Control[x]. Then I saw that you were referred to as Germany’s “most disciplined man.”

What has this word meant for you over the years, and what do you think is possible for someone who can execute discipline over a long period of time?

Q2B: I know that doing the same thing day in and out can get boring, and difficult. It’s the way many people’s days go if they are in sales, or looking for their next breakthrough. What do you think leads to those jumps in results that we see that took years of work, and finally snowball into a huge success story, but many people might think “oh that person was just lucky” if they hadn’t seen the years of blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes? How have you seen leaps in results occur within your companies, and is there something you would caution us against from being tied to the outcome of our results every day?

Q3: Can we go back to your childhood now, and what your mindset was like back then? I saw that we both studied The Silva Method. Jose Silva’s methods were an integral part of many of the courses I studied over the years.  How did this program help you back then, (maybe beginning with confidence-building) and how have you incorporated these ideas into the programs you’ve created?

Q3B: I just asked Friederike Fabritius about where people get these “flashes of insight” and how science ties to this concept,  and she explained when we are relaxed, we can into the Alpha Brain State, just like the Silva Method taught us.

I’ve been looking for a simple way to explain how these insights occur in the brain, and I’ve heard you share how important that early morning time of 3am-4am is. How have some famous people we know, (like Thomas Edison, or Einstein), used this time to solve their greatest scientific problems, and how could ANYONE use this time period to gain answers to questions or problems they want to solve?

Q4: Like you, I’m a huge Dave Asprey[xi] fan, the Father of Biohacking, and follow his podcast and his work over the years. What was it about his work that you say changed your life?

Q4B: Dr. Hasan, all of this stuff we’ve been talking about can seem way out there. You know, solving big problems in the alpha brain state at 3am, or biohacking our health and increasing our longevity. I’ll never forget where I was on the freeway when I heard Dr. David Sinclair say he could “make a mouse out of stem cells” on Dave Asprey’s podcast. I had to stop and think “wait, what did he just say?”

Q4C: A lot of the tools and strategies I’m sharing on this podcast are not strategies that were accepted in the workplace 20 years ago, but advancements in science can show us how they can be beneficial today.  What would be the strangest, but most productive strategy you’ve come across over the years?

Q5: What would be your final thoughts or your message for those listening who are building something? What mindset should we all embrace when starting something from nothing to hit the high levels of achievement you’ve hit?

Q6: Is there anything important I’ve missed?

Dr. Hasan, it’s been incredible meeting you, and learning about your work. I’m so grateful to have found you, and you’ve just made the world a smaller place as we connected over our podcast, from the other side of the world. Your message is inspiring, uplifting and helpful, for all of us who might be looking for some new and refreshing ideas to help us finish the last quarter of our year on strong footing, and launch us into a successful 2023. Thank you for your time and knowledge today!


Some final thoughts at the end of this episode, I had no idea that Dr. Hasan would expand my level of awareness with some areas my mind has never gone before. If you want to learn more from Dr. Hasan’s company’s, I have put links in the show notes to follow his work, his Brainvincible programs and nootropic that I am trying, and where you can find his book, The Million Dollar Monk. Prior to speaking with Dr. Hasan, I didn’t realize he had started 7 companies, (I thought it was 4!) but what was interesting is that this was not uncommon with people I met in the seminar industry. Most people who I met back in those early days did what they loved in the day, whether they were truck drivers, teachers, or working some sort of corporate job, they all did something they enjoyed, but had other business ideas that they ran outside of what they spent their days doing. Dr. Hasan challenged me to think there isn’t a limit to how many “sources of income” we can create but that in this quest for helping others with whatever it is that we do, to not be tied to our outcomes (that will come with time) and while we are putting in the daily effort, enjoying whatever it is that we do with our day, that we can also put an emphasis on our relationships and health, because science is revealing that many of the most common chronic diseases are “lifestyle diseases” and are reversible. Something I’m going to keep studying and learning more about, so we can all move our needle towards health and wellness, and healthy relationships, to enjoy not just this year, but for many years to come.

And with that, I’ll see you a bit later this week, for Brain Fact Friday, where I will share what exactly The Silva Method is, and how you can use it in your daily life. See you then.


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