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Success Stories

Educator Testimonials- Using AchieveIT360's Programs

Victory High School, AZ (2014-2020)

“Dr. Branham and I met Mrs. Andrea Samadi in 2014. After using the Character Counts program for the past 7 years here at Victory High School, Dr. Branham chose to use Andrea Samadi’s book, along with her Jumpstart to Success-Level Up Program.  The new character education class truly captivated our students. Our parents even saw a pleasant change in their child and Victory High School’s new Character Education program. Our students were able to work on their Goals, Dreams, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Personal growth. Andrea inspired our students by telling how she continued to work towards her success and the many times she had fallen short but always came back stronger than ever. Her personal stories helped the students see how life ups and downs a can be teachable moments on their way to success. The Character Counts program taught our students what Character was; however Mrs Samadi’s program taught our students how to develop Character.” Victory High School, Ms. Jackson and Dr. Branham
Dr. Branham

Principal, Victory HS, AZ

“Like Martin Luther King Jr. I have a dream. I dream that someday all teachers will teach students how to think rather than making them think. I dream that all students will understand how their brains work and use the knowledge to be successful and excel in whatever endeavors they choose. I dream that students and teachers will find books like Level Up by Andrea Samadi, and use the information contained therein to increase their brain power and success. “



Jeff Kleck

GCU Adjunct Instructor, School Administrator

“Level Up is an action oriented guide designed not for school but for life. It is constructed with interactive exercises that demand the learner both think and feel. Level Up will transform learners into achievers as they follow the well outlined path. The text and guidelines are inviting, encouraging and supportive. Staying with the program creates powerful connection between neuroscience, theory and success.”




Robert Jerus

Univeristy Professor, Author of Mind Matters and EIQ-2 Emotional Intelligence Systems

“Andrea Samadi’s Level Up book makes an important contribution to education and the creative process of personal growth. She has identified 12 brain-based concepts that directly correlate to leading a highly successful, productive life. As a leading neuroscience researcher, I can assure you that her grasp of the human brain is spot-on. She uses the newest research to help others increase their learning potential and access those “aha” moments  that will help a person achieve realistic goals.
Mark Robert Waldman

Author and World's Leading Expert on Communication, Learning and the Brain

Student Testimonials with Home Study Programs

Tammy O’Neill is a teenage photographer who has decided to pursue photography as her purpose in life. Tammy has been shooting photos since the age of ten but built a serious passion for this purpose in life from the age of thirteen (13)

Home-Schooled: She focused her learning on self-development with the assistance of her father Ryan O’Neill and using material from all the greatest motivational and success coaches the world has to offer. Continuing to sculpture her mind into such focus and holding great visions of where she wishes to go in life, Tammy feels that she has already far surpassed what she could have achieved from a normal school life. She fully appreciates that education is important via school but feel it does not focus enough on the desires of the pupil and is not flexible enough to help everyone follow their dreams.

How We Helped-Tammy now feels that she has everything she needs at her fingertips, and that the responsibility for where she wishes to go in life is firmly in her hands. She is the sculptor that is creating the masterpiece, which is her life.


Tammy O'Neill

Student and Photogrpaher

Students Who Upgraded Their Skills with AchieveIT360

Rachel Lambert is now following her dreams of becoming a Movie Director, Actress, Screenwriter, and Musician/Composer at NYU, however her interest in film making began when she was only 13 years old posting videos for YouTube with her website that now has over 1,088 people subscribed. In 2009, Rachel created the promo video and theme song along with many of the videos we first launched our programs with.

How We’ve Helped Rachel

“Andrea Samadi has and will continue to change the world. For four years, she has had an extremely positive influence on my life. So many doors have been opened to me because of her. When I tell Andrea about my goals and ideas, she does everything in her power to help me bring them to life. Her encouragement and support has been absolutely invaluable. She has given me so many incredible opportunities to express my passion, gain experience and knowledge, and be a mentor for others. Andrea is not only a role model herself, but she helps others become role models as well, passing on lessons and inspiration to future generations. She is one of the most compassionate, dedicated, and motivational people I will ever know. I am so excited to see the countless dreams that will become reality because of her work.” -Rachel Lambert

From a very young age, Rachel has been interested in art, writing, and music. As time passed, that interest continued to grow. They have now become some of her greatest passions, and she is determined to bring her dreams to life.

VIDEO– See AchieveIT360 promo video that Rachel created for AchieveIT360 in 2012.


Rachel Lambert

The Sunny Cider Story –Samantha Roberts (16 year old artist)
Along with being an artist, Samantha is a an an amateur writer, singer, and voice actress but  most importantly, she is a high school student  who is following the brain-based learning strategies found in The Secret for Teens Revealed and Level Up books to create a roadmap for her success.

Samantha has been drawing since 2011. It was in 2012 that she was given her fineuro image8rst Wacom Tablet and her digital drawing skills began to take off. In fact her skills were so good, her friends all believed that she would receive an “A” in career class for the assignment to draw sixteen different career occupations. Sadly, Samantha received an “F” on the assignment because she failed to draw all sixteen; instead she was only able to finish eight of the drawings due to her attention to detail. This is when Samantha’s mother recognized something the career teacher had missed; Samantha was meant to be an “artist”.

She now attends American High School which is a virtual online school based in Hollywood, Florida so she can focus more time on her specific talents and enjoys school and the freedom to learn on her own.

She has created Speed Paint Videos of her drawings to help others master their digital art skills and has given seminars at her local anime convention, Konsplosion for other teens looking to grow their talents and build roadmaps to their future.
You can find Samantha’s artwork under her digital name @sunnysheacider. Samantha continues to be an inspiration to those around her and we look forward to seeing great things from our first professional AchieveIt360 artist.

Samantha Roberts


“I would not be where I am today without AchieveIT360 and Andrea Samadi. She truly is the best mentor I have ever had, and she has helped me reach for my goals as I seek a major record deal. Whenever I was down on myself, Andrea always helped me push past that and strive for my full potential. Her program is incredible and any young person will reach their goals with her program!” -Scott Isbell

Without any assistance from an agency or manager, Scott landed himself professional acting roles in both TV and film. Scott has opened up for major acts including Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian and is working now with his new manager on some very exciting developments. “It was so incredible to open up for Lord Jamar- Brand Nubian because they are true Hip Hop pioneers who really have been a major influence in this business,” says Isbell. Scott’s debut single, The One, which is available world-wide on iTunes and Amazon was released under Island Def Jam Digital Distribution.

Along with being a singer, Scotty also is an actor and has done work for both movies and television. One of Scott’s most notable roles as an actor is his work co-starring on the Emmy award winning children’s show, Aqua Kids. In this show, Scott has been able to directly interact and train with Beluga Whales, seals, sea lions, and more!

How we helped Scott-“Believe it or not, I was in the same position that you are in right now. I mean, I had a dream in mind and I knew I would do anything to accomplish it. I did not stop at anything, and I still push and push. That is, every day, I am just that much closer to living my dream. AchieveIt360 has helped me more than I can even imagine. Andrea (Samadi) has not only been an incredible support figure to me, but has also been there for me as a friend. AchieveIt360 has taught me to keep pushing even when things are not working out in my favor or I do not succeed right away. To tell you the truth, the most successful people today did not find success right away. My inspiration, R&B singer Ne-Yo (whom I had the honor of performing for) felt that at one point his singing career was going nowhere. He was a songwriter for other artists, and at one point he even considered giving up as a solo performer and just focus on songwriting. Something inside his head, however, told him to keep pushing. Today, Ne-Yo is one of the most successful R&B performers of all time. That voice inside his head is the same thing that has allowed me to driving towards my dream.”

Along with this, AchieveIt360 has been an incredible resource for me when it came to college recommendations, and today I am proud and honored to say that I have been studying at several of the top music and performing schools in the world. None of this would have been possible without the support from AchieveIt360. Remember: do not settle for anything except your dream. You can do it. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. “

Scott Isbell

Pop/R&B Singer, Actor, and Entrepreneur

It’s a difficult task to change the world, but everyone knows everybody can do it if they are truly determined. Andrea does more than that. Beyond her passion and stick-to-itness lies a genuine love for people and teens and helping them live the lives she knows they deserve. She saves people, she is like the Doctor without the TARDIS, but every inch as good and as powerful. She believes in dreams, she believes in youth and innovation and all her work revolves around finding ways to bring people to their maximum potential. She believes in us all. She was the main reason why I was able to attend Bob Proctor’s seminar, a conference far over my reach economically. Not only did she get me there, but she did it without expecting something back. She did it to help me, because she knows how much a conference like that can change a teenager. And it did. I will never be able to repay her kindness, no matter what I do, but I really hope she will win this magnificent award, which will put her right on track on her quest to change the way teens view the world and themselves. I am honored to be her student and I can’t wait to see where she goes next. I am sure it will be beautiful.
Sophie Proud

Student (Romania)

Students and Young Leaders Preparing to Impact the World with Their Skills

“I’ve known Andrea for almost 5 years. I can’t even explain how much she did for me. She IS the most inspiring person I’ve ever met. Everything she does for these kids to prepare them for the future is great. I wouldn’t be who I am today without her. She is my role model.”
Donte Dre Winrow (Westminster, CA)

“Andrea is the hardest worker when it comes to helping teens achieve their goals. I know from first hand experience that her book HELPS. She’s always been, ever since she was a teacher, then running her own magazine for teens and now running Taking risks all along the way and they were all taken to help youth in their lives. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me and I know there are many more who feel the same.”
Danny Proctor (Ontario, Canada)

“Andrea is hardworking and motivating too. She helped and guided me the right path for life. She is a great leader and have a great understanding . Her work add value in my life. She is supportive and caring and have all the qualities of leadership. I love her so much and proud to have a friend like her.”
Nupur Sharma, (India)

Business Leaders

“Andrea Samadi Inspires Young Entrepreneurs! From taking inventory to goal setting to making a difference, Andrea’s work and programs is and will continue to create young professionals, young entrepreneurs and young leaders while intersecting with other coaches and educational partners passionate about helping our young people. Two thumbs up for Andrea!”
J. Mark Diaz (South Carolina, USA)

“I’ve known Andrea Samadi for many years. She lives her dream of helping young people set and achieve their goals and understand the process so they have an entire lifetime of achievement ahead of them. She helped my three daughters at a very early age and her teachings are invaluable. The AchieveIT360 program is truly making a difference.”
Patti Knoles, (Arizona, USA)

“Brilliant! Andrea and her initiatives are right on target with what she is doing here and has done for many years … Catch the wave and aggressively participate with Andrea!”
Dr. Jeff Magee-Publisher, PERFORMANCE360 Magazine

“Andrea is an expert in the field of personal coaching teaching and mentoring. Her love for our teens goes beyond normal teaching…it transits into the heart space of their lives. Andrea’s programs are amongst the best in the world that inspire our youth to take control of their lives and become their higher selves. Andrea is among the best of the best!!”
Roger Anthony, (Founder at Crocodiles International, Inc)

“I highly recommend Andrea as one of the young women of character I have had the honor to work with. Early in her career… she already had a clear vision for building AchieveIt360… and helping thousands of teens make positive changes in their lives. It has been a pleasure to see her grow the dream into reality… and I count myself a strong supporter of this organization. We will be distributing her book, The Secret Revealed for Teens, in Ukraine at LeaderCast Kyiv seminars… and the influence of her vision continues to spread across the globe.”
Sven Olson, Bilateral Affairs Officer (US Embassy Ukraine)

“The Cyclone of Teen Success. That is Andrea Samadi. Like a Cyclone, Andrea has a strong center, she is focused and cares passionately about teens, helpingthem to build a solid core. She is like the outer bands of a cyclone in that she has a whirlwind of ideas and winds of passion that help her to be creative and flowing in getting things done. I have worked with Andrea on several projects to help teens and her passion and dedication is amazing. She works tirelessly in helping teens find the things in life that will help them to fulfill their lives. Thoughtful, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Never-quit-attitude.”
Frank Keck, CSP, The People Whisperer

“Devoted. Passionate. Professional. Goal driven…Andrea is as driven as anyone I’ve met. She works very diligently to realize her dreams, holds the highest standards for herself, thinks quickly on her feet, strives for excellence in all things, and thrives for constant growth through new challenges and experiences. Andrea always manages to surpass her goals and expectations of those in her personal and professional life. I recognized her passion for making a difference in youth’s lives when she first started working with Pearson Education nearly 10 years ago. Andrea has always been destined to be running her own company, making a global difference for youth. Everyone could benefit from knowing Andrea as she directly inspires every life she comes in contact with.”
Tiffany A. Holody Fenner, Director of Sales

The Secret for Teens Revealed Book

“After reading through The Secret for Teens Revealed, all I could think of was, why didn’t his book come out when I was a teen! Everything I wished I had learned as a teenager-the importance of goal setting, developing healthy self-esteem, living in alignment with my values-I finally did learn through years of trial and error, but if I’d had Andrea’s wonderful book back then, there’s no telling how far I’d have risen-and how much quicker!. The Secret for Teens Revealed should be required reading for teens and their parents (as well as teachers, administrators, etc.), and for anyone else who still wants to make the most of their life and life experience. A GEM of a book!”
Mike Brooks (Mr. Inside Sales) (Los Angeles, CA)

“The Secret for Teens Revealed” is a wonderful guide and workbook for anyone who wants to invest in them self. And it’s not about buying things. It’s about getting our mental piece right in order to achieve our goals. I’ve learned so much in schools and have been taught so many lessons up till college. No where along the way did I ever get lessons on my mind and how to achieve my dreams. Andrea Samadi’s teaching background really makes this book worthwhile and powerful. Her personal story is also very inspiring. The book itself is very thoroughly written and includes worksheets that push you to study your own mind and understand how you think and why you think. It also helps you recognize areas that need strengthening and gives you ideas on how to empower yourself. This book will take some time to go through as does lessons that take weeks to cover in school. The time you put in, however, will be well worth it! This book can benefit anyone, but would be perfect for adults and teenagers to read and do together.
Aan Frasier, author of "Your Magnetic Mind" (CA, USA)

Andrea Samadi has hit a “homerun” with this book. Her experience as an educator and personal development instructor is blended in a way that any parent, educator, or one involved in the formation of young people should read and implement these concepts into their lives. Ms. Samadi organizes her chapters in a manner suggesting she is very familiar with “best practices” in education. There is a pre-test before each chapter, valuable information in the middle and suggestions for taking the information into the real world. She successfully incorporates the concepts of multiple intelligence and individual learning styles in a way that involves the reader. Pivotal points made in the introduction include a reminder that change takes time and energy. Knowledge, as measured on standardized tests, does not translate into results–in this case, personal growth. It seems that since the beginning of the field of mental health, the focus has been on mental illness. It is past time for the current generation of young people be introduced in a systematic way to the positive aspects of their life. The ten lessons with the five step approach in each chapter makes the text easy to follow. It may prove difficult at times to engage the student who has difficulty reading. However, there are enough exercises to engage most students. The only concern raised when using this book was a reference on page 85 referring the reader back to the stick figure on page 58. Unfortunately, there was no stick figure on p. 58. Other than this very slight editorial error, as a psychologist and educator, I would recommend this book for any character education program or leadership class. For those wishing to present this information to teens, it would be an excellent idea to read and apply the knowledge to their own lives before sharing the knowledge.
Kenneth J. Kohutek, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, Psychology- University of Tampa)

“This is a book for parents, teachers, and teens. I can’t think of any reason not to read it. Andrea put her passion for teenagers in this beautiful book. My favorite part is that how all the questions make me stop and think. I worked with teenagers for 20 years, and as a mentor, I see this book as a perfect tool to guide them step by step; from understand themselves to achieve what they want in their life.”
J. Durkin (Sacramento, CA USA)

“I’m a clueless adult so heaven knows what I would have been like as a teenager so it’s good to see that there are books coming out like this one which have the positive aim of helping teenagers take control of their lives through thought and action. This is not a book for wishful thinkers, this is for those teenagers who really want to make their lives a little happier, productive and positive i.e. all teenagers everywhere.”
Andrew Bernhardt, Graduate Membership status of the British Psychological Society

“Andrea was always a caring inquisitive child and as she grew she was eager to help young people especially those who were having difficulties or were in some way disadvantaged. As a young woman she received her teaching degree and started teaching young people. Working to help teens through Easter Seals was a particularly rich and rewarding experience for her. She loved these kids but felt she was not doing enough for them. They needed more material to help them. We used to sit by the fire while she dreamed her dreams and we talked for hours about them. I told her to write a book and much later she did! The Secret for Teens Revealed. She was determined to make a difference in education somehow. She showed steadfastness and courage in leaving everything she knew in Canada, the security of a home, teaching position and family to branch out on her own in Arizona. Andrea was always brave. She worked hard to establish her credibility in educating and motivating youth by creating a revolutionary program that will inspire them to reach their fullest and highest potential. Parents, mentors, teachers, youth, any one at all, no matter what your so called intelligence or education level is will be inspired by her program. Andrea you are a revelation to me.”
Hazel MacPhail with Andrea Samadi (her youngest daughter)

I recently took the “Secret for Teens Revealed” coaching program over the summer, and it completely changed my life. I went into the program not expecting much, but I came out with a completely different perspective on life and my ability to succeed. It boosted my confidence in myself, and what I can do. The Chapters that had the biggest impact on me and I was most interested in were the goal setting, self-motivation, visualization, and the last unit which was putting everything together. I liked these because they helped me understand how to put my goals into action, and how my goals and dreams can become a reality, and also made me excited and confident about achieving them.
After going through the “Secret for Teens Revealed” book, I was able to set all kinds of personal goals for myself such as academic goals, activities I want to complete, and even characteristics goals like improving my good attitude. This program is a necessity for everyone out there, and will make you a successful person if you really put your heart into it. It teaches you how to make goals, how to follow through with your goal, and put it into action. I have big academic and personal goals that I am following right now and I know that I have the ability to make them all happen. I am currently working on a big dream to get on the honour roll this year in school, and make it to Saint Mary’s University next year. I now realize that I can achieve my dreams, and only I can achieve them for me.
Amanda I. (16 years old)

Review of "The Secret for Teens Revealed"

The chapter I think impacted me the most was chapter four. I was never the type of person to set goals and when I did I usually gave up on them after some time because they never happened. This chapter taught me how to set my goals properly and how to implement the laws of the universe when doing so. I am going to continue writing goals because it gives me plenty of things to strive and look forward to everyday. I did not realize how many goals I could actually make, when I read my goals over I think about each one and how exactly I would like for it to turn out. Some personal goals I was able to set for myself that I would never think of doing are: to act more out going when meeting new people, to stop being so shy in front of strangers, to not judge people the way I would not want to be judged and to have a more open and friendly attitude towards others. I will be thinking and working on my big goals and dreams every single day and I feel motivated to have all my goals checked off some day.
Stefani D. (19 years old)

Review of "The Secret for Teens Revealed"

The Level Up Book

“Andrea Samadi’s book makes an important contribution to education and the creative process of personal growth. She has identified 12 brain-based concepts that directly correlate to leading a highly successful, productive life. As a leading neuroscience researcher ( Words Can Change Your Brain: 12 Conversation Strategies to Build Trust, Resolve Conflict, and Increase Intimacy), I can assure you that her grasp of the human brain is spot-on. She uses the newest research to help others increase their learning potential and how to access those “aha” moments where insights flood into consciousness. Readers, teachers, students and parents are given practical strategies that will help a person achieve realistic goals and to handle times when difficult emotions knock us off course. I love her self-motivation tools and value-based exercises that can be used to overcome unwelcome peer pressure. Each chapter of this book will help the reader to understand the power of the brain and how to use it wisely. By doing so, a person can take control of their future.

Level Up introduces the practice of mindfulness to academic learning, and there are few books that have brought this important strategy into the educational system. By showing the reader how to strengthen the neural circuits associated with empathy, compassion and moral decision-making, adolescents are given the power to reflect deeply before taking action. The author gives a simple but brilliant analysis of how to harness the power of different parts of the brain: the “genius” in our frontal lobes, the emotional circuitry in our middle brain, and our neural capacity to quickly build confidence and self-esteem. As the author says, if you have this mindset, your progress will grow by leaps and bounds.

If you are an educator, looking for a step by step program to introduce mindfulness to your students, with the most current neuroscience research, pick up this book today. I highly recommend it!”

Mark Robert Waldman

Author and World's Leading Expert of Communication, Learning and the Brain

While Level Up is targeted primarily for students, their teachers and parents, this is really a book that anyone could read and gain benefit. The book is very easy to read and highly informative with many amazing insights into many crucial subjects for students of all ages. How to create a blueprint for success, the importance of your attitude, different learning strategies, how to achieve your goals, how to handle criticism and peer pressure are among the subjects covered. Add in a bunch of fascinating mind boggling brain facts, and you have a book that you can use over and over again to learn and develop to your fullest potential.

What I enjoyed most about reading Level Up, was that it is written in a way that gives you the confidence to do the activities in the book. It is written to make you want to make the practical changes in our lives that will lead to great learning, and a life of making and achieving great goals. The examination of our mind, our negative and positive thinking habits was most enlightening. I highly recommend this book for all students, teachers and their parents, and anyone who is still on a journey of self-discovery.

Charles Courtney


A must for all young learners!
Being an educator I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated this masterful book.
Andrea has set out an approach in 6 clear and easy to access phases, to help both, the struggling learner and to supercharge the high flier. It contains great ways to discover strengths, improve confidence and refine personal skills. I really liked the section where Andrea shows how self-motivation is connected to personal values, which becomes an individuals guidance system, their own personal GPS.
Great advice, great book.
Simon Ralph

Author and Educator

Level Up Online in the Classroom

Character Lessons: “the students were overly engaged in the discussion portion and I received some of the best on topic paragraphs of all year.  They seemed to put thought into them and gave insight into how they use or could use both of these in life.  I really think I could continue to use this site to filter in character education lessons and transition activities…into some of our class time.”

Greenville HS, SC