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Unlock Your Potential

Elevate Your Success with The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast
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After 25 Years of Working with Success Principles in our Schools, Sports Environments and Modern Workplaces:

We believe that unlocking true potential begins with the understanding and application of practical neuroscience.


A Powerful Connection Between Neuroscience, Theory and Success

“Level Up is an action oriented guide designed not for school but for life. It is constructed with interactive exercises that demand the learner both think and feel. Level Up will transform learners into achievers as they follow the well outlined path. The text and guidelines are inviting, encouraging and supportive. Staying with the program creates powerful connection between neuroscience, theory and success.” Robert Jerus University Professor, Author of Mind Matters & EIQ-2 Emotional Intelligent Systems

Level Up Makes an Important Contribution to Education and Personal Growth

“Andrea Samadi’s Level Up book makes an important contribution to education and the creative process of personal growth. She has identified 12 brain-based concepts that directly correlate to leading a highly successful, productive life. As a leading neuroscience researcher, I can assure you that her grasp of the human brain is spot-on. She uses the newest research to help others increase their learning potential and access those “aha” moments  that will help a person achieve realistic goals.Mark Robert Waldman, Author and World’s Leading Expert on Communication, Learning and the Brain

I was shocked by so many facts of the brain that I didn't know!

“Andrea explained in her presentation that stress, during a long period of time, can be destructive for the brain. It can even lead to diseases if it is not managed. Stress can also damage the memory part of the brain and learning at school becomes very difficult when a child is stressed.

I was shocked by so many facts of the brain that I didn’t know. For example, the fact that the brain is a muscle that you can train in order to become smarter and more resilient. As a teacher, that is very important to know! If I can teach children to reduce their stress-levels, I can also increase their ability to learn better. It’s my responsibility to create a safe and inspiring environment.” Agnes Bos, Educator, The Nethelands.

Developing Character in our Students

“Dr. Branham and I met Mrs. Andrea Samadi in 2014. After using the Character Counts program for the past 7 years here at Victory High School, Dr. Branham chose to use Andrea Samadi’s book, along with her Jumpstart to Success-Level Up Program.  The new character education class truly captivated our students. Our parents even saw a pleasant change in their child and Victory High School’s new Character Education program. Andrea inspired our students by telling how she continued to work towards her success and the many times she had fallen short but always came back stronger than ever. Her personal stories helped the students see how life ups and downs a can be teachable moments on their way to success. The Character Counts program taught our students what Character was; however Mrs Samadi’s program taught our students how to develop Character.” Victory High School, AZ Ms. Jackson and Dr. Branham


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