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This is EPISODE #55 with Torsten Nicolini. You can watch this interview on YouTube here. 

Welcome to the Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning podcast, my name is Andrea Samadi, I’m a former educator whose been fascinated with understanding the science behind high performance strategies in schools, sports and the workplace and created this podcast to bring the most current neuroscience research, along with high performing experts who have risen to the top of their field with specific strategies or ideas that you can implement immediately, whether you are a teacher or student in the classroom, or working in the corporate world, to take your results to the next level.

Thanks for tuning into the podcast today!

If this is your first time here, I am so grateful that you have taken the time to listen. I can’t wait to introduce you to our guest today,  Torsten Nicolini[i] a Strategy Coach whose joining us today all the way from Germany. who has devoted his life to helping small business owners fulfill their greatest potential by teaching them how to become more successful at work and in life.

I first met Torsten last summer 2019 when he contacted me to review his book called Work Smart in One Day: How to Be More Effective at Work and Get More Out of Your Life by James Barrett [ii] and I get asked to review a lot of books (I must be on a list somewhere because I do get at least a request each week) and I usually just delete the requests because I don’t have the time, but this time, the title caught my attention because I had launched this podcast and had been researching workplace productivity extensively for the past year. When I read Torsten’s “Work Smart in One Day” it felt like a compilation of the most effective productivity strategies, all in one place. Some history, in the late 1990s, I worked in the motivational speaking industry, and worked closely with some of the leading motivational speakers in the world.  Of course I had access to all of their books and content that I read extensively.

As I read through Torsten’s book, the great speakers of the past echoed in my head as I could see who influenced him, and the strategies in his book were spot on. He’s organized them in a way that ANYONE can improve their productivity, and I can tell that he must also operate this way, with the detail of his examples.  I reviewed his book that day, and I remember exactly where I was at the time, on a family vacation at a local resort, and I refused to leave the room until I finished his book and review, it was that captivating.

A bit about Torsten:

– he is currently working “fulltime” as an engineer at an automotive supplier since 2015 (Yazaki)

– he accomplished an apprenticeship as a toolmaker in 2009, technician in 2013, Bachelor of Engineering in 2018 an currently studying “part-time” Masters of Enginering that I will finish 2021.

– he started to learn about personal development in 2017 (now age of 32) and with this “initiator” I launched a side business in marketing and webdesign, started a blog and different projects for small business owners (website re-design, marketing, etc.)

– Since 2018 I am really loving to create content, to write articles and now publishing books.

As many of us are in the middle of figuring out how to work from home,  and might be  looking for new ways to work with some key strategies for better productivity, I thought I would ask Torsten to come on the podcast to share more about his website, the books he is reading and strategies for productivity.

Q1: What are Highly Efficient People Doing Better than the Average Person (and how do they manage tasks be increased productivity)

Q2: What are some New Habits That Go a Long Way (making you think about a morning routine, if you’ve not got one already) Q3: How do you eliminate What’s Pulling You Down (identify what is stealing your energy) Q4: What are some Tips for Maintaining Your Success (so that it continues all year)

Q5: Anything else you think is important that I might have missed to help people during this time to be more productive.

If someone wants to contact you, what’s the best place? Email or through his website