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Are wearable devices the future of health and wellness? Today’s episode we will take our first step towards a NEW technology, called TAOPATCH that’s been making inroads in the health and wellness industry over the years, and this is just the beginning.

Watch this interview here

On today’s episode #318 we speak with the CEO of Taopatch USA, Dimiti Leonov.

We will cover:

✔ What is Taopatch nanotechnology and how can it impact our health and wellness in 2024?

✔ What systems in the body are impacted with Taopatch?

✔ How can wearing Taopatch impact our focus, emotions and even our spiritual side?

✔ What are world-class athletes saying about Taopatch?

✔ What does the most current research say about this nanotechnology?

✔ How can you try Taopatch?

Welcome back to The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast, where we connect the science-based evidence behind social and emotional learning (that’s finally being taught in our schools today) and emotional intelligence training (used in our modern workplaces) for improved well-being, achievement, productivity and results—using what I saw as the missing link (since we weren’t taught this when we were growing up in school), the application of practical neuroscience. I’m Andrea Samadi, an author, and an educator with a passion for learning and launched this podcast 5 years ago with the goal of bringing ALL the leading experts together (in one place) to uncover the most current research that would back up how the brain.

On today’s episode #318, we have Dmitri Leonov, the founder of TAOPATCH USA[i].  Taopatch the nanotechnology device using light therapy with acupuncture. When I see a product that’s NEW, nicknamed The Human Upgrade Device, that addresses health and wellness, enhances physical performance, boosts energy levels, relieves pain, while being used by TOP WORLD-CLASS athletes and kept a secret for a competitive advantage, I want to know what it is.

Dmitri reached out to me and offered to share what’s they have discovered with the intersection of technology, wellness and spirituality and how they are combining traditional methods like acupuncture with modern technology like light therapy and nanotechnology. I can’t even tell you how much I’m interested in learning more, especially as I’m personally exploring NEW technologies on this podcast, so when something innovative comes my way, there’s no hesitation to make this interview happen.

Let’s meet the CEO of TAOPATCH USA, Dmitri Leonov, and see if he will reveal the secrets from the athletes he has seen using TAOPATCH as one of their best kept secrets in their careers, and what results they are attaining this this NEW Nanotechnology for health and wellness.

Welcome Dmitri Leonov. Where have we reached you today?

Dmitri, this whole podcast is designed to help all who tune in to find ways to improve ourselves (health, wellness, and even look at our spiritual side) so when I saw TAOPATCH, I knew I had to speak with you. Thanks so much for making this happen!

Before we get to this fascinating health and wellness product, I wonder with your background as an entrepreneur, what drew you towards TAOPATCH with your entrepreneurial past?

Q1: What is TAOPATCH, how does it work, where is it worn on the body, and who is using it for outstanding results?

Q2: What systems in the body are impacted with TAOPATCH?

Q3: How does it impact our emotions, focus and even our spirituality?

Q4: I’ve been using magnet therapy for years, and even some technology that added far infrared tech (Nikken products). I have seen the power from products like these over the years. What would you say is different, better or more advanced about TAOPATCH than magnet therapy that many of us would be aware of? What’s missing if I’m only using magnets?

Q4B: Can you explain what the material that TAOPATCH is made out of (Quantum Dots) and what did the recent Nobel Prize[ii] winners discover with this technology?

Q4C: I know this patch uses light therapy[iii], that on PUBMED has over 9K studies of this technology on our health and wellness. What are some of the benefits that a healthy athlete would notice using TAOPATCH? (vs maybe someone with a neurological disorder like Parkinson’s or MS).

Q5: Let’s talk about pain management and injury recovery. When we first corresponded, I told you I was not a stranger to taping things on my body, especially through this podcast. I’ve got a magnet taped on my shoulder and a new Qicoil Rife machine (using PEMF therapy) that I’ve just started using after I interviewed the founder, David Wong on EP 312.[iv] If I’ve got an area on my body that hurts, (let’s say muscles knots) will it stop the pain and help the injury to heal in or does it just mask the pain?

Q6: I’ve been trying wellness products on this podcast (ranging from the Fisher Wallace Brain stimulator, to the WHOOP wearable fitness tracker, to the Lief HRV device, (that taught me how to breath throughout my day) and most recently the QiCoil Rife Machine), and I use the device and after time, will record the results I’ve attained. I’d like to do something like this with TAOPATCH, since I already have something taped on by neck/upper back to relieve pain. I also am always looking for NEW ways to improve mental focus. I did fill out a questionnaire a few weeks ago, and was recommended I begin with the START PACK and THE EMOTION. What would you say to someone like me who is just starting out to learn more about TAOPATCH? How do we begin?>

Q6B: If I was to get 1 pack (3 patches) how long would this last me? How do you recommend the patches are used?

Q7: What else should we all know about this NEW and ADVANCED health and wellness technology? Is there anything important about the TAOPATCH that I’ve missed?

Dmitri, I want to thank you for your time meeting with me today.

For people to learn more about the TAOPATCH, is the best way to go to your website, see the testimonials, and then purchase directly from your website?

What is the best way to learn more, and follow you?

I will be looking into this for myself, and will record an update once I have tried it for some time.

Thank you!


There’s always so much more than our eyes can see, or our ears can hear with each guest we interview. After this interview, Dmitri and I chatted about what they are developing NEXT and I’ve got to say, they are on the cutting edge of accessing information to help the world.

While I’m editing this episode, I’m also working on our TOP EPISODES from 2023 that included The Silva Method at the top, and in PART 4 of this series, we quoted Napoleon Hill who said “A genius is a man who has discovered how to increase the intensity of thought to a point where he can freely communicate with sources of knowledge not available through the ordinary rate of thought” The future is here, and this is being done to advance the world forward.

If you want to try Taopatch along with me, go to their website and you can browse through the testimonials, case studies and research.

Be sure to use the CODE: NEUROSCIENCE at check out.

Since I’m currently using the Qualia Mind product for focus, I decided to begin with Taopatch start and see what I notice. Stay tuned for this update.

What I think is interesting is that as we are learning from each episode (together) the knowledge we are gaining is all connected. We just covered the importance of opening up our Heart Chakra with Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations, and now, we learn that the Taopatch Start product emits light the green light frequency, which is the color of the heart chakra.

Everything we are learning here is helping us to build a stronger, 2.0 version of ourselves, and knowledge really is power, when it’s put into use.

This is our last episode of Season 10 of the podcast and of 2023. I’ll see you next week as we come back with an overview of the TOP 10 episodes from 2023, as chosen by you, and PART 5 of our review of Wallace D. Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich.

Have a safe and Happy New Year, and I’ll see you in 2024 with Season 11 of The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast.






Djokovic Wins French Open—After Claiming Nanotechnology TaoPatch on his chest Boosts On-Court Performance Article by Siladitya Ray Forbes Magazine Published June 11, 2023

Press Release Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded in October 2023 for the development of Quantum Dots



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