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Today we are going to take a deep dive into the most powerful and important concepts from Bob Proctor’s seminars. If you have not yet heard episode #66[i], be sure to check out this episode first, to get some context behind how I met Bob Proctor, and how he influenced the work we are doing here today. I do suggest going to the show notes and writing down some of the ideas you learn from this episode, since these are some extremely powerful ideas that really can make an impact on your life. These concepts were learned from 6 years of working directly with Bob’s seminars, taking his courses over and over again, and then repeating them periodically over the past 24 years. These ideas changed the trajectory of my life, and I want to share them with you so you can have access them, and see if their application can impact your world, as much as it did for mine.

I first met Bob when I was a teacher in Toronto, because his director of sales, Mark Low, lived next door to me at the time, and when I asked him what he did for a living, my whole world changed when he handed me Bob’s You Were Born Rich[ii]  book. Be sure to look in the show notes for the links, as Bob gives this book away for FREE on his website under his tips and tools section. Go there, download his book, and this lesson will make more sense once you have had a chance to look at the book first.

Before I go into a deep dive of this book, which was also the first seminar I ever attended live (in May 1998), I want to give a backstory that you could relate to, if you’ve ever invested hours of your time creating something. Here’s how I remember this story (and remember from EPSIODE #44 “12 Mind-Boggling Facts About the Brain”[iii] that memories are not 100% accurate, so I’m telling you a story that I remember hearing many years ago and some of the details might be inaccurate, with the way that I’m remembering the events, but you will get the main idea of this story.

So, when Bob was first writing this book, (my copy of the book shows a copyright date of 1997 which was just a year before my first seminar with him) and it was years before everyone carried their own personal laptop around. When I think back to writing reports or essays in school at this time, I used a typewriter, so I think that’s how Bob wrote his first book—the manuscript was a physical copy that he had typed, and he would carry it around with him to add more ideas to it, before he sending it off to the publisher.  On his way to the publisher, he took a taxi, again, years before we went everywhere via Uber, and he left the only copy of the book in the taxi. This story made me think of all those times I had written something, and then the computer crashed, and the document was not saved, or the times that I just lost something another way, and the only solution was to recreate what you’d lost, and that’s exactly what Bob did with this book. When you are reading it, think of the years of work that went into the stories in each chapter, and these are all true stories—I knew many of the people he wrote about—and then imagine that one day, these ideas were completely lost, and he had to recreate them again, for the world to gain access to them. It will give you an entirely new perspective when you are reading this book.

Bob mentions in episode #66 that “he always believed he would reach the goals that he set and believed in the material and that goals are set not to GET—but to GROW.” It’s who we become that’s important in this process, not the things that we accumulate along the way, but the knowledge we acquire and how we use it to help others. When Bob first met me, he asked me “What do you really want?” and it took me back a bit because no one had ever asked me this before. I had to really think about it. I remember not being sure, but in the Born Rich Workbook we had the chance to revisit this and write out our heart’s desire. I still have the workbook from 1998 and what I wrote back then, isn’t far off from what I am doing today.  So, think about it, “What do YOU really want?” Have you written it out on a card like Bob still does and like I’ve been doing ever since?  Once you know what you want, then you will want to look at your beliefs and see if they integrate with your behavior. Then you will know what changes you need to make.

Let’s Take a Deep Dive into Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich Book

BIG IDEA #1 Paradigms: Something is Holding You Back. When You Become Aware of it, You Can Move Forward.

Paradigms—what are they?  Paradigms could be controlling virtually every move that you make.

“To ignore the power of paradigms to influence your judgment is to put yourself at significant risk when exploring the future. To be able to shape your future, you have to be ready and able to change your paradigm.” –Joel Barker, a technology and business futurist who published the book Paradigms in 1993.

What’s interesting is that Bob Proctor is known for helping people to increase their life in the area of wealth, but that’s not what drew me to him. Even though his book was called You Were Born Rich, and his seminars focused on helping the attendees to build wealth, I was drawn to his work not just for the idea that I could make more money, but that I could increase the potential we had. This is where I started to see my own paradigms showing up.

Let’s look at Paradigms. We used to sell the You Were Born Rich book for $20/copy and I remember having a box full of books at one of my first events, and within minutes, they sold out, and I was left with a few hundred dollars in one hand and an empty box in the other. This was the first time I thought, “I really need to write a book” as my awareness shifted as I identified a paradigm that I was ready to change—I was only used to earning money by trading my time, you know, go to work from 8am till 5pm kind of thinking and  you earn a paycheck this way. This was the way I was raised, but I was seeing now that there were other ways. With this book, I learned that we can create a product or service and if people want it, they would gratefully pay for it, giving anyone the opportunity to earn multiple sources of income. You could still work 8-5 but could also earn money from all over the world when you sell your programs and services online. I had only just started to interact with this book, hadn’t even taken the seminar yet, and my beliefs about earning money were beginning to change rapidly, without expecting it.

Once you can change your belief, it opens up a whole new world. I began to see that we could earn money many different ways than how I was raised to believe.  When I started to sell for Bob, we would earn a certain amount of commission on each sale. Suddenly, we could sell a seminar seat and earn a few thousand dollars in a few minutes. This really changed my money paradigm quickly. The more you become aware, the more your mind opens up to new opportunities. Think about it like you are looking through a keyhole, and with more awareness, the keyhole opens up until eventually the door is wide open. Years later, when I worked in the corporate world, and had the chance to earn commission each year, it was not uncommon for the most successful sales reps to earn $50K-$300K in commission (on top of their yearly salary) but if your mind can’t grasp this, then you probably won’t be the one reaching this level.  Over the years I met many people working in the seminars, doing all different types of work. Some were truck drivers, some were business executives, some were educators like me. All of them had grasped this idea that we could earn income from multiple sources. This was a huge paradigm shift for me.

How Do We Change Our Beliefs or Paradigms?

Bob’s running a seminar this month on this very topic called the Paradigm Shift Seminar.[iv] I suggest going to the link in the show notes and watch the video at the top of the page.

We first of all need to know what these paradigms are, before we can change them. I know it wasn’t until after a few years of working with Bob and he was always talking about these paradigms that we needed to change, that I finally asked, what exactly IS a paradigm? I had no idea what mine were. It’s easy to connect the dots looking back and see what they were now—I had all these notes from all these seminars, and could quote them word for word, but I still didn’t have the understanding of how all these pieces fit together. Do you know what your paradigms are? This takes time as we learn to integrate the information into our behavior and daily practice.

Here are some steps that I found useful for changing our paradigms:


a) Start by Identifying what paradigms are, then figure out what ones we want to change. We must understand what paradigms are controlling our behavior in order to make these changes. This starts with self-awareness[v] (that we dove deep into in EPISODE 2) and keep in mind that these habits have been passed down from your parents, and past generations (the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs of those who surrounded you when you were growing up, in addition to your environment) so it’s not our fault that we have these paradigms in the first place, and they aren’t bad, it’s just how we were raised and they might be preventing us from reaching our highest levels of potential. I’m pretty sure that I heard my Dad say “money doesn’t grow on trees” a few hundred times when I was growing up, so this was ingrained into my way of thinking—until I learned how to change it.

b) Begin to study yourself and learn at the very core “who are you?” “Are you really doing the things you want to do?” “How do you approach change and challenge?” “How do you see yourself in the world?” Start here to identify who you are, and you will begin to see patterns that come up that keep you stuck where you are, preventing growth. You will discover what paradigms are controlling your actions, and in turn controlling your behavior and results. You can begin to identify your patterns, beliefs and behaviors the things that you need to change to reach these new results or levels of achievement.

A Paradigm is a mental program that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior…and almost all of our behavior is habitual.

Paradigms are a multitude of habits passed down from generation to generation.

Paradigms are the way you view yourself, the world and opportunity.

Paradigms are how you approach change and challenges.

c) Once you’ve identified a couple of your paradigms, the work begins. Pick one habit or belief that you want to change and take new actions—while integrating your behavior and your beliefs with the new idea. You will change the paradigm when your beliefs and behavior line up by repeatedly taking new actions towards the new idea. The same way the paradigm was formed (repetition of action from those who raised you, or who you were surrounded by in your early years). You can do this with affirmations, by repeating the new belief over and over again, until one day it changes. You’ll need to repeat this over and over again (1,000 times at least) for 90 days until you actually believe it. An example of a paradigm that might hold you back from opportunity could be something like “no one at my age has ever done this or that” (I’m sure they have, so this is a limiting belief—find someone who has done what you want to do and ask them to mentor you) or another example “every time we’ve tried to reach this goal, we have failed, so I’m sure we will fail again this year” (if you think you will fail, I’m sure you will also, unless you try something new, a new angle). Another paradigm that might be passed down from generation to generation could be “no one in our family has ever done xyz…written a book, graduated from College, etc. I’m sure you are getting the point. We all have paradigms that hold us back, and until we change them, we will never reach the levels of achievement that we are capable of.

d) Watch your whole world change when you identify and change your paradigms. Think of how mine changed when I saw that I could earn commission from sales or write a book and sell it to earn money all over the world. It opens up your thinking to a whole new level. If you are thinking “there’s no way that I could do any of these things, I work a job 8-5 and have no idea how this is possible” well, that’s a paradigm. I wrote my first book by waking up at 5am when I worked a corporate job. I would write 5 days a week 2 hours each morning before work, which was 10 hours a week and 40 hours a month. You really can accomplish anything that you really want to, if you have the will and desire to do it. I would love to hear from anyone who has identified and changed a paradigm that was holding them back. What was it, and how did you change it?

BIG IDEA #2 Prosperity Thinking: The More We Give, The More We Stretch our Minds to Receive and Keep Giving More.

This book starts off with a chapter that outlines our ways of thinking. We either think in lack and limitation, and that there’s not enough, or we can have abundant thinking. We even know from Mark Robert Waldman’s research from his recent book Neurowisdom: The New Brain Science of Money, Happiness and Success, that money does predict your happiness and that “those who make more money are happier, and those who are happier, live longer.”[vi] So, having a prosperity consciousness is vitally important for your future success as well as your health and longevity.

Prosperity Thinking in Action:  How to Think into Abundance

But how can this way of thinking be possible if we’ve just lost our job and are not sure where we will end up?  This is a timely question with unemployment being high at this time, all over the world. How can we create a prosperity consciousness when our bank accounts don’t have a paycheck being deposited every few weeks, or we can’t see what’s going to happen next? If you are thinking this right now, I highly suggest reading this book, and learning all you can on this topic. Changing your thinking from poverty consciousness (I don’t have enough) to prosperity consciousness (I have more than enough and want to share with others) was probably the most important lesson I learned after Sept 11th turned the US upside down.

Mindset and taking action is important in these transitional and uncertain times. I recently listened to Mark Cuban on LinkedIn being interviewed[vii] with tips for large or small businesses on how to navigate times like we are experiencing now, and his ideas all have to do with staying positive, being creative and pivoting your business which is what many of us did after Sept 11th. Before we can create new ideas, we must have our basic needs like food and shelter covered. When times change, and we need to find work, he suggests searching within an industry that’s doing well. Do some research and then see what areas match the skills that you have, so that you can pivot to something new, where you will find some success with your current skillset.  Once you find something, keep working, and don’t give up on any ideas that you might have had before this whole pandemic hit. Write them down, keep working and when times shift, like they always do, you can begin to put your focus on what you what to create.

BIG IDEA #3 The Law of Vibration and Attraction: You Attract What You Are

The movie The Secret talks about this Law, and the book The Science of Getting Rich[viii] outlines this law, along with others, but my first introduction to these levels of vibration that Bob talks about often, was in Chapter 6 of the Born Rich book.  Bob mentions this law in our interview and also the quote from Andrew Carnegie at the top of Chapter 6, that says “Any idea that is held in the mind, that is either feared or revered will, begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate physical forms available.” This means that we draw to us what we think about—a person thinking positive thoughts will emanate positive energy and draw other positive personalities and situations to them, and a person with negative thoughts, will of course be in a negative vibration, or give off bad “vibes” that will repel positive personalities, drawing negativity towards them. What type of person do you want to be?

How does this work?

There’s lots of different places to gain this understanding, ranging from a powerful book that I keep on my bookshelf, David Hawkin’s Power vs Force[ix] where he talks about low-energy frequency people vs high energy and the ranges of emotions that either drain us or fuel us.

Our thoughts have a certain frequency, and the things that we draw to ourselves have the same frequencies as the thoughts that we have created—let’s say what’s on the same wavelength as we are. We cannot be thinking negative thoughts and be in line with positive thoughts at the same time. Since like attracts like, you will notice that when you are tuned into positive thinking, you will attract more positive things to yourself. In the interview with Bob, I asked him why we meet certain people at certain times in our careers who accelerate us? He answered “You attract them, and they attract you.” He drew Sandy Gallagher to his company when he had a need for someone who understood finances, and here was Sandy, sitting in a seminar, writing out that she really wanted to work with Bob, but it took her a bit of time until they were both in harmony with this idea. Once they were, the partnership was a success.

The same goes with negative thinking. If you start off on the wrong side of the bed in the morning and do not change your thinking, you will attract more and more negative things to you as the day progresses. It can snowball either way for you, so why not let it snowball in a positive direction?

Our goal is to raise our vibration level and be a positive, high vibrating person if we want to achieve our highest level of results.


    Positive thinking will help you increase your thought waves to that higher level of vibration. Just think of how great it feels when you are doing something that you enjoy, like listening to your favorite song, or enjoying the beauty of the landscape and nature around you. Practice recognizing how good you feel when you doing something that makes you happy. When you are feeling good, you are on the right track to raising your vibration, and when you are feeling bad, you are not on the right track. Do whatever it takes to stay in that good feeling, and your vibration will continue to rise.Limit your activities with people, places or situations that are on a lower level frequency. If you are operating on a higher level, you won’t be able to do this for long anyway, because it will drain your energy. Be mindful of who you are spending time with so that you can keep your level of vibration up.Spend more time with like-minded people who are positive like you. This will only allow you to keep increasing your level of vibration. Join a club or a group in which you can meet people with interests similar to yours and keep improving yourself.Be polite and mindful of others at all times. Over time and with practice, this will become a habit. If you are always thinking about ways to help others, it will be inevitable that your level of vibration will rise.Find ways that you can quiet your mind, and just spend time in this quiet to rejuvenate. Some people use meditation, and others find great benefits from yoga. Find what works best for you to relax, and then practice quieting your mind. Be open to what might happen here, as powerful thoughts can occur to you when you quiet your mind.

Once you begin to increase your vibration, you will notice that your life will become more easier and more peaceful.

BIG IDEA #4 Learn to Live Beyond the 5 Senses with the 6 Higher Faculties of the Mind

We’ve all been raised to live through our five senses: what we see, touch, taste, hear and smell, but our 5 senses can be limiting. We can access new information, deeper flashes of insight, higher levels of creativity, if we learn to live with our 6 intellectual faculties that operate beyond our 5 senses for a competitive advantage. These intellectual faculties tap into the non-physical or spiritual world and help us to build new ideas.  How does this work?  Let’s see how we can learn to use the faculties of our mind to gain a deeper understanding, perspective or ideas.

    Perception is your point of view. This factor can be altered at will which means that you can always see two sides to a situation, but it takes the will and some effort to switch your way of thinking to see another side of something. Sometimes when I’m hiking, I can look at the trail when I’m going up, and the exact same spot, going down, looks completely different. What we see with our eyes can be viewed an entirely different way from someone else’s point of view, standing at a different viewpoint. PUT IT INTO ACTION: How can you use this concept to gain new ideas or perspective? If you are having a problem or disagreement with someone, try to look at the issue through their eyes to see a different point of view, not just your own.  You’ll notice with practice, this skill becomes easier, and it will open up your mind and you will become more flexible, improving your relationships with others.
    1. Reasoning is the ability to think. Having this faculty makes us different from other members of the animal kingdom; they do not have the ability to reason. In the book, The Strangest Secret


    1. , Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Albert Schweitzer was being interviewed and he was asked “What’s wrong with men today?” The great doctor answered, “Men simply don’t think.” Wallace D. Wattles, in his book

The Science of Getting Rich[xi]

    agreed with this back in 1910 when he said, “There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought; it’s the hardest work in the world.” PUT IT INTO ACTION: Use your will to stay focused when you need to think and create new ideas. Critical thinking and reasoning is an important skill that we should be teaching to our children at an early age, so they can learn to think for themselves, rather than follow the crowd. Be sure you are always challenging young children to think for themselves by letting them make decisions. Ask them questions and see what answers they come up with.  I have a 10-year-old who often thinks of new ideas or angles that I might have missed, so I’m grateful to have more thinking minds in our home.
    The will is the understanding that each idea has a certain pattern and with focused attention, we have the ability to concentrate on what we are thinking about and increase the amplitude (the height of the wave) or thought wave and make them very powerful. PUT IT INTO ACTION: Use the will to lock into an idea and block out all other distractions. Using the will allows you to focus your mind on the things you want and lose focus on what you don’t want.
    Memory is something you can develop with practice. There is no such thing as a bad memory. However, just like your muscles, if your memory is not used, it can become weak. When you do not exercise the muscles in your body, they lose strength. This is exactly what happens when you are not practicing your memory. PUT IT INTO ACTION: Treat your mind with as much care and consideration as you would your body, as they are very much connected. The more practice you give this faculty, the stronger it will become. We have heard of some research-based strategies that are known to improve your memory, such as avoiding cramming and study what you want to remember used spaced repetition, relate new information to things you already know, be sure that you are sleeping well as sleeping consolidates memories, and adding visual images to what you want to remember.
    1. Imagination is Everything


    according to Earl Nightingale. All great inventions are created in two separate places: the mind of the inventor and the physical world when the inventor creates it. Our lives reflect how well we use our imagination, because when we hit one plateau of success, it will be our imagination that will take us to what’s next. PUT IT INTO ACTION: Write our where you see yourself in the next 3, 5 and 10 years. If you can do this in detail it will activate cells of recognition in your brain that when you imagine what you write, eventually your brain will accept and recognize what you are telling it, and it will go from feeling like a crazy pipe dream, to eventually something that you can see yourself actually doing, since you have thought about it so often.  One day you can make what you imagined, yoru reality.
    1. Intuition is a mental tool that gives us answers, by picking up the energy or feeling from another person or situation. We can even read a person’s energy over the telephone or the internet as I experienced in EPISODE 65 with Dr. Barbara Schwarck


    1. . Sometimes we feel we just know the answer, or we have a gut feeling. That is our intuition at work, and we must learn to develop it. With practice, we can learn to trust our intuition and become confident with that which we feel or know. Then, we can move confidently toward that which we want. PUT IT INTO ACTION: The best book I have ever read on developing intuition was called

Developing Intuition

    1. from Shatki Gawain


    .  This was probably one of the most valuable skills I learned to help guide my personal and professional life. I never needed to ask anyone else for advice, as I had my own built in guidance system that helped me to stay in a productive state of mind.

BIG IDEA #5 Spirit is Everywhere. We are all Connected, Like a Rainbow (SIP)

This next idea, I put an image of what I’m describing in the show notes. When I asked Bob about the quantum world that Dr. Dan Seigel talks about, where there is this plane of possibility where we can create anything, Bob answered with “I believe the physical realm that we live in and the spiritual world, are all connected, like the colors of the rainbow.” When we take an idea, it comes in from spirit, hits our intellectual mind, and it’s up to us whether we move it into form.

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was brilliant, and you never did anything with it, and then suddenly you see someone else has created it? That’s because there is only one mind, and that we can all tap into these ideas.

Think of the three levels




What you can see (physical world) and what you cannot see (non-physical world) are all connected.  The physical is a manifestation of the non-physical. Another way to look at this, is to think about WATER in the physical world. We can see it. We add heat to water and it turns to STEAM (intellectual level) and add more heat to it and it turns to AIR (spiritual level). Just because we have changed the state of water from its physical form to AIR in the spiritual level, it doesn’t mean that the water doesn’t exist. It exists and when cooled down and goes right back to water.

So, what we see in the physical world and what we cannot see, are all connected.

Since spirit is for fuller expression and expansion, ideas (like I want to write a book) come in through the spiritual level and are looking to be expressed (from a higher to a lower potential). Think of when you ask for help from God through prayer, you are in the physical realm, reaching the spiritual realm with your thoughts for help or ideas. Ideas that come to your mind (your intellect) from the spiritual realm and it’s up to you if you will bring them to physical form. This is called the Creative Process.


Do you pray? Do you meditate? Do you believe in a higher power, or something bigger than yourself?  If you do, you will find this process fascinating, it you learn to use your FAITH through understanding. You will get new insights, and ideas through this practice that will keep you busy. Write out what comes to your mind here and see if the ideas match what you really want to BE/DO or HAVE or CREATE.  When you get an idea that’s congruent to what you want, you will want to take action with this idea.

BIG IDEA #6 Thomas Troward- Fuller Expression, Increasing Life Always Aim for Bigger and Better Things

There really are no limits to the heights that we all can reach and a reminder that it’s not what you’ve got that’s important, it’s who we become in the process of reaching our goals.

“Nothing is impossible to the mind.

All its guidance and power are available to you.

When you have fully realized that THOUGHT CAUSES ALL,

You will know that there are no limits

That you yourself do not impose.” –US Andersen, author of The Magic in Your Mind

Thomas Troward: Dore Lectures on Mental Science

Right now if you ask Bob Proctor what he’s studying, he’d say he’s reading Troward’s The Dore and Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science[xv] and I’ve had this book and a couple of others from Thomas Troward in my Kindle iPhone library for the past 6 years and haven’t read them. I just looked through them and saw a section on Intuition, healing, the will, the body, soul and spirit—everything that we talked about in these 6 BIG IDEAS except healing. I can see why he would be reading this book, sharpening his higher faculties, deepening his connection with spirit and doing all that he can to deliver his message to help as many people as he can.

Bob always read a section of Troward’s Dore Lectures on Mental Science in the Science of Getting Rich Seminar. One day, while he was running a seminar, I asked him if I could read the passage from the stage, because I was just dying to practice my public speaking and had memorized the quote. So, I read this by memory, and if there’s any passage of information I recommend anyone memorize, it’s this one.

“My mind is a center of Divine operation. The Divine operation is always for expansion and fuller expression and this means the production of something beyond what has gone before, something entirely new, not included in past experience, though proceeding out of it by an orderly sequence of growth. Therefore, since the Divine cannot change its inherent nature, it must operate in the same manner in me; consequently in my special world, of which I am the center, it will move forward to produce new conditions, always in advance of any that have gone before.”

What does this mean? It means that my mind/your mind is a center (there’s more than one center) but we are all connected, and there are no limits. If I was to stop there, I think that’s enough to motivate any of us to reach higher than we might have reached in the past. We are Limitless.

This Divine operation is always expanding (there’s as much power above it as below it) and this means the production of something that has gone before, something entirely new, not included in past experience, through proceeding out of it, in an orderly sequence of growth. This means that what you are capable of will not be a repeat performance of something you have done before, although your past experience prepares you, but it will move you BEYOND where you have ever been, to GROW and EXPAND in an orderly way.

Therefore, since the Divine cannot change its inherent nature, it must operate in the same manner in me; (so trust in the way your life unfolds—it’s all going the way it’s supposed to go) consequently in my special world, of which I am the center, it will move forward to produce new conditions, always in advance of any that have gone before. Meaning that when we keep working diligently towards our goals in life, we will keep producing NEW results that go beyond where you were before. We are always expanding and growing when we are taking action—so keep aiming for bigger and better things, and never stop learning/growing.


BIG IDEA #1 Paradigms: Something is Holding You Back. When You Become Aware of it, You Can Move Forward. Take some time to figure out what paradigms are holding you back, and start to work on changing just one paradigm at a time. This will require some work, as the paradigm is ingrained in your non-conscious mind, but with time, one day, you will look back and notice the growth that occurred because you took the time and put in the effort to make this change.

BIG IDEA #2 Prosperity Thinking: The More We Give, The More We Stretch our Minds to Receive and Keep Giving More. Where is your thinking right now? I know that these are difficult times, but if you notice your mind leaning towards lack and limitation instead of abundant thinking, it’s time to take immediate action. Go somewhere where you feel energized and begin to work on changing your thinking. Volunteering or helping others can also help shift your mindset here, as you begin to see that your situation is much better than many other people in the world, and this can help shift your mindset.

BIG IDEA #3 The Law of Vibration and Attraction: You Attract What You Are.

If you have had trouble achieving your goals, this is the first place I would look. Do you know yourself well enough to know whether you are operating at a high or low frequency? When you are feeling good, and life is flowing, you are definitely on the right track. If things are difficult, and you feel unhappy, something needs to change, and the change starts with changing your energy or frequency by thinking new thoughts, that will stimulate new feelings and motivate you to take new actions, that in turn will change your conditions, circumstances and environment. The change begins with you.

BIG IDEA #4 Learn to Live Beyond the 5 Senses with the 6 Higher Faculties of the Mind. You don’t need to master all 6 of these at once, but if you just picked ONE to work on and sharpen for the next year, you will notice the results in your life change. Pick one factor, and really dive deep into studying it in your spare time. Writing this episode has been a powerful review for me as well. I’m always working on improving my intuition, because I think it’s just fun to see how often you can guess something ahead of time, but I also see the importance of working on some of the other faculties, like the imagination, which is a key ingredient for creating something new. This is where inventors of the past went to figure out how to make the airplane take flight, where the iPhone was created and where the inventions of the future will come from. Also, just a reminder to not let what we see (with our senses-which are limiting) going on in the world limit or control us. We can’t change it, but we can keep studying, learning and growing, so that we change and improve ourselves when times are difficult.

BIG IDEA #5 Spirit is Everywhere. We are all Connected, Like a Rainbow. This idea has come up with Dr. Daniel Siegel’s work where he talks about the fact that quantum physics proves that there are 2 realms: one where we operate through our senses, and the other, the plane of possibility that is timeless. We could spend a considerable amount of time thinking about this idea, but I’m just going to trust that my understanding will continue to grow here as I continue a daily meditation, prayer, and gratitude practice. The faith that comes from this practice is based on understanding and when new ideas come, I know it’s important to act on these ideas and do the work with the talents and skills that God has given me. Each of us will have our own meaning with this idea, based on our individual beliefs. Whatever you believe, find the practice that works for you to feel this connection.

BIG IDEA #6 Thomas Troward:  Life is for Fuller Expression, Increasing Life Always Aim for Bigger and Better Things. Keep studying, learning, growing and reach for more in life. You won’t be able to do this alone, so be sure that you find mentors to help you reach your new levels of achievement. Just keep learning, increasing your awareness, and growing. And answer the question “What do you REALLY want?” There is great opportunity for the person who understands themselves.

I hope that you have found these ideas as powerful as I have. Remember, these are just a few of the most powerful concepts I learned from working 6 years directly with Bob Proctor, attending his seminars live, and then continuing to study and apply these ideas.  These concepts do take time before the results become apparent, but if you really want something, you will do the work and one day, you will look back, and realize that you have achieved the goals you’ve always wanted, so that you can then help others do the same.

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