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“As the acceptance of expanded human potential gains mainstream momentum, the question has shifted from “What is possible in our lives?” to “How do we do it? How do we awaken our extraordinary potential in everyday life?” Welcome to PART 4 of our review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work.

Review of Chapter 4 of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural on The Blessing of the Energy Centers that requires us to now implement everything that we’ve learned in his book.

✔ The Power of Our Energy and Understanding Frequency.

✔ Using Our Mind to Imagine Our Energy and Thoughts

✔ Using our Focus and Concentration to Create Stronger More Powerful Thoughts

✔ How Energy Flows in Our Body: A Look at the 8 Chakras in Our Body

✔ Why We Want to Move Our Energy to the Top 4 Chakras in Our Body to CREATE NEW Ideas in Our Life.

✔ 5 Steps for Putting Dr. Dispenza’s Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation into Practice.

Today we will continue our exploration of how exactly we live up to the full potential we all have within us, or like the name of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon.

Today as we cover PART 4 of this exploration we will identify clear strategies to awaken the extraordinary potential in each of us, and these will be evidence-based strategies, that are backed by science.  We will do this by looking at CH 4 of Becoming Supernatural, a book that is the first-of-its-kind manual that does precisely this: it leads us on a step-by-step journey to achieving our greatest potential in body, health, relationships, and our life purpose and allows us to make that journey at our own pace. Today we will cover Chapter 4 of this book, called “Blessing of the Energy Centers” we will learn exactly HOW to use this powerful energy that we all have, to CREATE something new in our life, or to direct this energy towards healing our body, or tap into increased creativity using our intuitive factors. Today, we bring all PARTS of our study together, and make it all applicable. We will also connect the science to this practice, and places on past podcast episodes where we can strengthen our understanding of these concepts that are difficult to apply, since we were not taught about how to manage our energy in school, nor were we taught about how to harness the power of a meditation practice for healing our body, or creating new results.

But we will cover these fascinating topics on today’s episode.

I did want to mention how I love hearing from people from all over the world, with their experience of studying Dr. Dispenza’s work. For many who’ve been on this journey for years, this is just a review, and reminder of different ways we can all continue to build on the knowledge we’ve learned over the years. Even Dr. Dispenza himself has mentioned the immense learning that took place for him over the years, which is a good reminder for all of us that we are all on a journey, in this thing called life, and it takes time to unlock our greatest potential.

It Takes Time. Awareness. And Practice.

I do hope that our review today helps us to ALL unlock more of the mysteries within the unseen world, as we learn to put these concepts into practice into our daily lives. I’m sure we will return to this series in the future, but this is where we will start our journey today.

Welcome back to The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast, where we connect the science-based evidence behind social and emotional learning (that’s finally being taught in our schools today) and emotional intelligence training (used in our modern workplaces) for improved well-being, achievement, productivity and results—using what I saw as the missing link (since we weren’t taught this when we were growing up in school), the application of practical neuroscience. I’m Andrea Samadi, an author, and an educator with a passion for learning and launched this podcast 5 years ago with the goal of bringing ALL the leading experts together (in one place) to uncover the most current research that would back up how the brain.

For those tuning into this episode, and you’ve not listened to PART 1 EP 306[i] yet, PART 2 EP 310[ii]  or PART 3 EP 311[iii] I do encourage you to begin there. You will learn the background of where I first learned about Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, and see how he fits into what we’ve been covering on the podcast the past 10 seasons.

For today’s episode #313 “Decoding Our Thoughts: How to Build a Better Future with the Power of Our Mind” and PART 4 of our review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work we will look at Chapter 4 of Becoming Supernatural, called “The Blessing of the Energy Centers” where we will now see how to put ALL of what we’ve learned into practice.

Understanding the Power of Our Energy

Understanding Frequency: What We Can See, And What We Cannot See

The first part of understanding and using the potential that we each have within us, is with understanding Electromagnetic Frequencies, since we are all made of “either light and information” (Ch 4 Becoming Supernatural) or “energy and consciousness.” (Ch4 Becoming Supernatural).

This was what our whole episode #312 with David Wong[iv] was about. He taught us of the importance of keeping our energy or frequency high at all times, with some ideas on how to raise our frequency and “tap into” higher levels for improved health, wealth and success.

When we think of the unlimited power or potential that each of us holds within us, it’s helpful to think of The Light Spectrum of Electromagnetic Frequencies that shows that there are some things (or frequencies) we can see, like visible light, and but others that we cannot see (like x-rays or even radio waves).

This diagram clearly shows that “there’s a sea of invisible frequencies” (Ch 4, Becoming Supernatural) that all carry “encoded information.”

Just because we cannot see a certain frequency, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We ALL have access to this unlimited potential, or sea of possibility that we’ve talked about throughout this series that we know science has proven is there. Our body is made up of light/information and energy/consciousness and we are all conscious beings with a body that sends/receives frequencies just like a radio. Just like how we tune into a certain radio station and hear our favorite songs on that station. When we want to listen to different music, we change the station and tap into a different frequency.

What Radio Station Are YOU Projecting Out to the World?

We’ve talked about this before on the podcast, that it’s important what we think and feel, because others can tap into our energy or frequency. You’ll agree with me that some people project positive energy or vibes, while others, it’s just the opposite.

Remember that “ALL frequencies carry information.” (Ch 3, Becoming Supernatural).

Using Our Mind to Image Our Energy

As our energy increases (or the frequency speeds up) the wavelength decreases (look how the waves are closer together at the left of the diagram).

As our energy decreases (or frequency slows down) the wavelength increases or the waves get longer and longer, at the right of the diagram.

What does this mean? Think about it…lots of energy, lots of shorter waves, less energy, less and longer waves. This makes sense to me as we build momentum while working, our energy increases, and so do the waves we create. We can get into a rhythm where our energy carries us forward (whether we are physically tired or not) because we’ve built momentum with our energy versus when our energy slows down, it takes more time to build momentum.

How to Use Our Mind to Increase the Amplitude of The Frequency of Our Thoughts

I first attempted to explain this in my first book, The Secret for Teens Revealed (2008, Samadi, Page 75) on the Lessons on the Mind. You can see the image I drew in this book in the show notes. If I had my powerful strong thoughts on the left side, and the weaker, slower thoughts on the right side, it would match identically with Dr. Dispenza’s diagram in Chapter 4 of his book on Electromagnetic Frequencies.

What I wanted to show with this diagram, was that we can use the power of our mind, or our will, to increase the amplitude of each frequency to increases the power of our thoughts.

What does this mean? Just put some effort into our thinking, (which is hard work to actually think a focused thought) but with practice, we can change weak thoughts, and turn them into more powerful and effective thoughts.

IMAGE SOURCE: The Secret for Teens Revealed by Andrea Samadi (Page 75).

I heard this quote the other day, which brings this image and idea to life. Henry Ford says that “Thinking is hard work. That’s why there are so few people doing it.” This rings true to me, especially writing this series on Dr. Dispenza’s work. I had to THINK hard while reading each chapter, and then take what I was learning, and see HOW exactly does this apply to our life. Thinking is hard work, and exhausting. This 4-part series spans over a 3-month period for exactly this reason, and we are only taking a shallow dive with this. When we are really using our mind to THINK new thoughts, it will take a lot of our energy to do this. Be sure that while you are applying the ideas in this 4-part series that you are getting plenty of rest while consolidating these ideas.

Let’s go back to understanding frequencies. I think by now you’ll agree with me that we’ve painted a clear picture of different kinds of frequencies that exist in the world, and how we can tune into different frequencies just like tuning into different radio stations, with the suggestion to make our thoughts more powerful by using our will to concentrate, and increase the amplitude of thoughts.

How Do We Learn To “Tune” Into Different Frequencies?

This is where Dr. Dispenza launches us into the world of his meditations. We don’t need to use his, we have mentioned many different meditations that you can use, and I’m sure that you will have your favorite. I wouldn’t have even known about Dr. Dispenza’s meditations[v] if that person hadn’t have commented on our episode for raising our HRV levels, letting me know about Dr. Dispenza’s Courageous Heart Meditation.

Dr. Dispenza actually has a meditation called Blessing the Energy Centers[vi] that helps us to put this chapter into practice and there are 5 of them, starting with Level 1, and progressing through to Level 5. Before I explain what we will learn to do with this meditation, I’ve got to say that I loved to see how he mentioned this specific meditation will help us to improve our Convergent (narrow) and Divergent (going from narrow to more broad) Focus.

Convergent and Divergent Thinking Revisited

We dove deep into these two types of thinking on our 4th PART of The Silva Method.[vii] We covered this final part of creating something CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE by going back and forth between two types of thinking:

Divergent Thinking: Where we take a known object in the world, and expand upon this idea, the more ideas the better, wandering through your ideas that you already know (from your memory bank) with the hopes that the connections you make reveals something new.

Convergent Thinking: That’s the opposite of divergent thinking, but it’s where we use focus and persistence to narrow in on an idea helping us to make sense of it in the real world.

We used Dr. Andrew Huberman’s research in PART 4 of The Silva Method. If you want to dive deeper into Dr. Andrew Huberman’s thorough explanation of Creativity and the Brain[viii], he takes things much deeper than we cover. He doesn’t miss anything and even goes on to show us the parts of the brain that light up when we are involved in divergent vs convergent thinking, and the 2 types of meditation that are proven to improve each of these ways of thinking. He says that “open monitored meditation” (like just closing your eyes and paying attention to your thoughts without judgement) is well documented to improve our divergent thinking capability, and focused attention meditation (like staring at a flame of light) or Dr. Dispenza’s Blessing of the Energy Centers that we are covering today is another way to improve our convergent thinking capabilities.

Dr. Dispenza explains that his Blessing of the Energy Center Meditation, that takes us through each of our energy centers (or chakras) helps us to strengthen our divergent thinking ability (narrow focus) as we put our attention on each of the chakras in our body. Then we strengthen our convergent thinking ability when we take our focus off something narrow (our chakras) and expand our thinking into the Quantum World from something to no-thing which we know is a sea of possibility for us all to access, tapping into unlimited potential, creativity and innovation.

How Does Energy Flow in the Body?

We heard it from Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, from EP #307[ix] that in order to create balance in our body, he suggests that we learn how to balance our chakras.

Dr. Dispenza explains in Chapter 4 of Becoming Supernatural that we have 8 chakras, and the first 3 (root, sacral and solar plexus) are the energy centers we use when we are in survival mode. The goal of his Blessing of the Energy Center Meditation is to learn how to open up each chakra, creating balance in our body, and open ourselves up to new ideas, and creativity as we move through all of our chakras, to the last one above our head.

He reminds us to “not get stuck in the first 3 energy centers” (Ch 4, Becoming Supernatural) which reminded me of the famous and most misunderstand chapter from Napoleon Hill’s famous Think and Grow Rich book, that was about The Transmutation of Sex Energy[x]. If you read this chapter, and wondered “how do we transmute our energy from a lower form to a higher” this chapter explains it. As we work on opening each chakra, moving past the first 3, and up to opening the heart, we will begin to feel more gratitude, and move into creative thinking, tapping into our subconscious mind. We will now be creating a coherent heart and brain, aligning our chakras, and NOW…the magic happens.

This is the power behind Dr. Dispenza’s Blessing of the Heart Meditations and this understanding can help us to apply this powerful technique of “blessing our energy center” opening up our heart and tapping into our subconscious mind to CREATE new ideas or opportunities in our future with this meditation (if we choose it) or another one that you might know of, that also allows you to open up your chakras.


STEP 1: LISTEN to Dr. Dispenza’s Blessing of the Energy Center[xi] and see how he takes us through each of the chakras.

STEP 2: Notice when you are using Convergent (narrow focus) vs Divergent (opening your focus to the world) during this practice.

STEP 3: Start your own meditation practice Blessing YOUR energy centers and see what you notice.

STEP 4: Notice when you are stuck in the first 3 energy centers in survival mode. Work on moving to the heart chakra, opening up to more love and gratitude, which will take you towards more creativity and innovation in your daily life. While I know I’m not the best artist, I think you’ll get the idea from the image I attempted to sketch out in the show notes. Our goal is to balance all 8 of our chakras, that will keep our energy field strong. If you see the image I drew on the right, this person is only operating from their first 3 chakras, and their energy field is diminished. When we are operating in survival mode it is very difficult to think, create and innovate.

STEP 5: Write down any new insights that you gain from this practice. Over time you will be tapping into your subconscious mind where you will have access to the Quantum World we have been studying in the first 3 PARTS of this book study. This is where we will go to create something NEW and exciting in our future, with the power of our own mind. We will become Supernatural, and prove that common people, can truly do the uncommon.


To review and conclude episode #313 “Decoding Our Thoughts: How to Build a Better Future with the Power of Our Mind” and PART 4 of our review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, we covered Chapter 4 of his book, with 5 TIPS for putting the Blessing of the Energy Centers into practice.

This is our final look at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book where you will see now why it’s a shallow dive, not a deep one. This is just the beginning, and requires work from all of us to see the results from doing things a certain way.

Just a reminder, in this 4 PART SERIES we covered


✔ Chapter 1: Opening the Door to the Supernatural with some thoughts for you to put this chapter into practice in your daily life.

  • Do you know what you REALLY want?
  • Have you made a committed DECISION towards your goals?
  • Have you let go of what others think of you, and surrendered to doing what it takes to achieve your goals?

✔ Chapter 2: The Present Moment, with some thoughts for you to put this chapter into practice in your daily life.

  • Are you aware of the energy that you broadcast out into the world? (If not, have you asked others for feedback on how you show up in the workplace or family life?)
  • Are you doing everything possible to move the needle towards your goals (or whatever it is that you are working on)?
  • Have you made space for unknown events to occur in your life to move you forward?

IMAGE CREDIT: Andrea hand drew the image from Chapter 2 Becoming Supernatural

While researching this book, we reached out to Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, for our insightful interview #307[xii] where we learned that we are “light beings, spiritual beings” and his advice to us was to be sure we find a way to balance the chakras in our body. His work with his GDV Technology that took Kirlian photography to new weights reminded me of what’s possible when we believe in ourselves, and use our mind to think creatively and then take action on the ideas that we create in our minds. There isn’t ANYTHING that we cannot accomplish. Or like the name of Dr. Dispenza’s book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon.


✔ 3 Important Concepts in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, Becoming Supernatural that have the ability to change OUR life, when implemented.

IMPORTANT CONCEPT 1:  Accessing the Present Moment

IMPORTANT CONCEPT 2:  Mental Rehearsal: Priming Your Brain and Body for a New Future

IMPORTANT CONCEPT 3:  Elevated Emotion

✔ What science has to say about these timeless success principles?

✔ Strategies to IMPLEMENT these principles into our daily life for improved results.

✔ How to use our emotions FOR us, rather than AGAINST us.

✔ Why we must continue to learn more about WHO WE ARE for improved results

✔ How METACOGNITION (and our awareness of how we think, act and feel) creates AHA Moments of Learning in our daily life.


Review Chapter 3 of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, Becoming Supernatural on Accessing The Quantum World for improved results in our personal, professional life, or with our health and wellness.







Review of Chapter 4 of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural on The Blessing of the Energy Centers that requires us to now implement everything that we’ve learned in his book.

✔ The Power of Our Energy and Understanding Frequency.

✔ Using Our Mind to Imagine Our Energy and Thoughts

✔ Using our Focus and Concentration to Create Stronger More Powerful Thoughts

✔ How Energy Flows in Our Body: A Look at the 8 Chakras in Our Body

✔ Why We Want to Move Our Energy to the Top 4 Chakras in Our Body to CREATE NEW Ideas in Our Life.

✔ 5 Steps for Putting Dr. Dispenza’s Blessing of the Energy Centers Meditation into Practice.

Now the work begins. Like I said when we first started this review, this is a shallow dive. The work begins now as we work on ourselves daily to keep our chakras aligned and balanced, and finding ways that we can move our energy from the lower parts of our body, up to our heart, throat, head and beyond, where we can tap into creative and innovative forces of energy to help us with whatever it is we are working on. Our health. Our Personal Lives. Our Professional Lives. Our Wealth.

I hope you can see how to awaken our extraordinary potential in our everyday life and that you can see how you can become Supernatural, and achieve things that are not commonly seen.

And with that, I’ll close out this episode. For those in the US celebrating Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving and for the rest of our listeners, sending love and gratitude to you all for tuning in each week.

We’ll see you when we return in December.


Blessing the Energy Meditation


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