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“The practice of Qigong combines concentration, meditation, visualization, movement, and biofeedback to command the flow of Qi and direct it where it needs to go to enable the best form of balance and harmony. This balance can be achieved in various forms: cognitive, physical, spiritual, moral, medical, and more.” David Wong, The Frequency Expert, from Life of Qi: The Science of Life Force, Qi Gong, and Frequency Healing Technology for Health, and Longevity.

Watch this interview on YouTube here:

Welcome back to The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast, where we connect the science-based evidence behind social and emotional learning (that’s finally being taught in our schools today) and emotional intelligence training (used in our modern workplaces) for improved well-being, achievement, productivity and results—using what I saw as the missing link (since we weren’t taught this when we were growing up in school), the application of practical neuroscience. I’m Andrea Samadi, an author, and an educator with a passion for learning and launched this podcast 5 years ago with the goal of bringing ALL the leading experts together (in one place) to uncover the most current research that would back up how the brain.

On today’s episode #312 with David Wong we will cover:

✔  The importance of keeping our energy/frequency high at all times, especially while interacting with others in our personal and professional lives.

✔ What led David Wong to create the Qi Coil Technology to help raise a person’s frequency, and improve their life?

✔ What are some other ways we can raise our frequency?

✔ Is there really a frequency for health, wealth and success? How can we “tap into it?”

✔ Where to learn more about David Wong’s work, and his vision to raise the frequency of the world.

For today’s episode #312 we will be meeting with David Wong[i], also known as “The Qi Master” is a world-renowned Qi (Chee) Energy and Life Force expert. He is a best-selling author, visionary inventor, inspirational speaker, martial artist, qi gong practitioner and entrepreneur. He founded Qi Life, a company that develops cutting-edge technologies for personal wellness.

His passion for helping others unlock their human potential through ancient wisdom and modern science was ignited after he successfully self-healed from an incurable digestive disease he had for 10 years by using frequency and energy devices.

We are meeting David Wong just at the right time on our podcast. We have just taken a shallow dive into Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, that’s focused on the importance of maintaining balance with our energy, understanding that can access a Quantum World where anything is possible (healing our body, or improving our personal and professional life).

David reached out to me via social media a few months ago, and I knew he was someone I needed to interview. I hadn’t read his book yet, or spent the time researching what he has accomplished in the field to help others unlock their highest potential. I just knew. We found a date and time that seemed far off in the future, and now we are here.

Just keep an open mind as we learn from David today. If you look at his website, you see testimonials of his work from doctors and healers from all over the world. He’s followed and supported by Vishen Lakhiani, the CEO of MindValley who reinvented Jose Silva’s Program, as well as Jim Kwik, the World’s #1 Brain Coach. I know there was a time that meditation in the workplace was not an accepted stress reduction strategy, and today most workplaces promotes advanced wellness strategies like this for their employees. With an open mind, we can now learn what else could possibly do to take our results to new heights.

Let’s meet David Wong, and see how his work can help us to change our life (our body/mind and spirit) improve our results, our health, and even our wealth.

David, it’s wonderful to meet you. I know in our correspondence you mentioned you are in Canada. I grew up in Toronto. What part of Canada are you in? I’m going to guess Vancouver, since I know you are an hour behind me in Arizona?

INTRO Q: Before I even get to the questions that I sent you, I’ve got to start with what happened with us tonight because I think it’s vitally important for the work that you do. We could probably spend all of our time together talking about this and we could learn so much from your wisdom here. So, from the point of view of someone whose work is centered around energy and frequency, I wonder if you can explain from your perspective what happened to us tonight starting from the minute you sent me the message saying we would need to reschedule our interview?

  • What did you “feel” over our messages through social media?
  • Can energy REALLY be felt from a distance?
  • What made you reschedule tonight with me instead of another day? Can our energy impact the way others interact with us?
  • What can we learn from this experience as it relates to the energy we put out into the world? What should we ALL understand about the importance of keeping a positive mindset, even when you receive news that might be disappointing?

Q1: So, I’ve got to start with your book, because it gives an overview of your life. Can you share what happened when you were 9 years old? How did this accident you have change you and put you on this life path you are on today?

Q2: I related to your experience you wrote about with church. Now my parents forced us to go to church. Every Sunday. My Mom taught Sunday school, and it was something I did because I know it’s what she wanted. My sister sang in the choir, and I played the bells, and loved performing and practicing. I just loved how going to church felt even though I was forced to go. Your connection to music and church made me remember how much peace I felt walking through the hallways there, and how renewed I felt for a long time after I returned. What do you think that was about?  I know that you felt this energy with church and music also.

Q3: I’ve covered often how we are all connected to spirit, like the colors of the rainbow, and how often our goals are on different vibrations. Can you explain how you came to understand this concept? Vibrations and Frequency and how you came to be known as the Frequency Expert? Also, how would you define Quantum Physics?

Q4: Where did martial arts come into the picture for you? How did martial arts increase your mental strength and stamina?

Q5: How did you take everything you were doing/learning and use it for building wealth? This is an area I plan on covering this topic the end of the year.

Q5B: Can I “tap into” someone else’s frequency that I resonate with, and use it for improved results?

Q6: What have you invented/created to help others to do the same in their personal/professional life as well as with their health?

Where can people learn more about you? What you have created? Your meditations? Your philosophy?

David, I want to thank you very much for meeting with me tonight after a long day of training for you. If we both weren’t tuned into the importance of keeping our energy levels high, I’m sure we never would have recorded this interview.  I think what you have created from ground up is inspiring. I 200% believe in what you are doing, in the tools you have created and the root of your work. This is just the beginning for me, but I’m grateful to have met you.

I think my next step is to learn more about what you have invented, and how it can help me, and others.


Before closing out this week’s episode, I did want to say that I knew David’s work was important, and I didn’t want to wait to reschedule our interview when I knew one of his trainings was running late. I was so grateful this worked out for myself as well as for those who tune in. I’m in the early stages of learning about David’s Qi Coils, but will invest in the starter coil, and will come back on to share what I notice. I don’t need him to convince me of the importance of keeping my frequency level high, it was the common thread of all of the seminars I sold in the late 1990s, in addition to magnets that were meant to keep us healthy. I actually still use this technology with strains, and injuries, and wonder how else I can improve my own mental/physical health and wellness.

If you are like me, and always want to learn more, I’d start with David’s book, and then look around his website. It was interesting for me to see how many people around the world he has been helping, as well as to see the CEO of MindValley, Vishen Lakhinani, following his work.

We’ll revisit David’s work after I’ve tested his Qi Coils, and other products and we’ll see you next week for PART 4 of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural, that’s all about our energy centers in our body.

See you next week!



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