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“Your brain is the organ of your personality, character and intelligence and is heavily involved in making you who you are.” Dr. Daniel Amen

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On today’s episode #309 with Dianne Kosto we will cover:

✔  What is neurofeedback, and how it can help someone struggling with anxiety, depression, brain fog, or mental health issues.

✔ Dianne Kosto’s story “From Trauma to Triumph.” What’s the story of her son? What did she do to help him? Where is he TODAY?

✔ How does neurofeedback change the structure and function of the brain?

✔ Dianne’s journey and when she first noticed the importance of a healthy brain, for a happy life.

✔ How to reach Dianne and her team to learn more.

So if we notice something is not right with our ability to think clearly (brain fog) or our decision-making ability, or our ability to focus and concentrate, it would make sense that we begin with looking at this organ that controls everything that we are, and everything that we do.

Welcome back to The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast, where we connect the science-based evidence behind social and emotional learning (that’s finally being taught in our schools today) and emotional intelligence training (used in our modern workplaces) for improved well-being, achievement, productivity and results—using what I saw as the missing link (since we weren’t taught this when we were growing up in school), the application of practical neuroscience. I’m Andrea Samadi, an author, and an educator with a passion for learning and launched this podcast 5 years ago with the goal of bringing ALL the leading experts together (in one place) to uncover the most current research that would back up how the brain learns best, taking us ALL to new, and often unimaginable heights.

For today’s episode #309 we will be speaking with Dianne Kosto, the CEO and founder of Symmetry Neuro PT. Dianne is a Mom on a Mission to make neurofeedback (to help the brain learn to better regulate) accessible and easy, with a global vision for improving the lives and brains for families who have a member struggling with physical or emotional pain, that we all know disrupts everything in our day-to-day life.

I wanted to cover Dianne’s work on the podcast because while I have heard about neurofeedback as a brain-based therapy to improve brain function without medication, I don’t know much about it.

Let’s meet Dianne Kosto, and see what she has created with Symmetry PT to help all of us to live happier, and healthier lives, with our brain health and function in mind.

Welcome Dianne, it’s wonderful to meet you. Where are we reaching you today?

Q1: I want to dive right in here, as I think the company that you have founded solves a critical need in the world today. I don’t think I know anyone who has not seen the effects of high stress in our daily lives. Can you start out with why you founded Symmetry NeuroPathway Training?

  • What’s the story of your son? What did you notice he needed support with?
  • What gaps did you see with our current healthcare system that caused you to take action?
  • Where did you first begin to connect the brain to our mental health?
  • What changed did you see with your son?
  • HOW did these changes take place?

Q2: For those of us who might have heard of this type of treatment, but like me, if I’ve not used something, it’s not easy to explain it. Can you give us an overview? What is Neurofeedback? (alters the structure and function and brain). EEG biofeedback?

Q3: How does neuroplasticity occur with neurofeedback? Why do think this brain-based therapy is so successful with making long-term changes in someone who might be struggling in some way?

Q4: What are some of the most common issues that are improved with neurofeedback?

Q5: The whole reason I do this podcast, connecting the brain to our schools, sports and workplaces, is that we were never taught about the importance of a healthy brain when we were growing up. When did you first notice that a healthy brain could change a person’s life? Dr. Daniel Amen “When your brain works right, you work right.”

Q6: Why does this work? Can you review the research? I also find this fascinating that when we can improve the structure and function of our brain, it changes our results significantly.

Q6B: How can we change our brain waves at will? We have explored this from meditation, but I wonder what you would say?

Q6C: Cats can change their brain waves? If cats can, why not humans? What happened with the NASA study? How did the cats change the structure and function of their brain?

Q7: How exactly do our brain waves work? We have covered brain waves on past episodes[i], working on ways to go from the BETA state, to ALPHA for more creativity.  How does neurofeedback change our brain waves?

Q7B: What should we all understand about our brain waves? What impacts neurological dysregulation and changes brain wave patterns?

Q7C: How does Neuropathway Symmetry work? Does someone need to come into your offices for this? Is there any way to change the pattern in our brain remotely/from home?

Q8: Where would someone begin?

Q9: What results do people typically see?

Dianne, I want to thank you for sharing your story as a Mom on a mission to help others who might have a child, or another family member who is struggling somehow, and could be helped by Symmetry Neuro-PT. If someone wants to learn more, is the best way to schedule an appointment with your team?

Thank you for your time today, and for your vision to make this world a better place, by helping us to understand what’s available to help us to improve our self-regulation skills, and take control of our brain health. No one else will do this for us.

Get Dianne’s NEW book, From Trauma to Triumph: A Mom’s Mission with Neurofeedback here


I always miss something important in the interview process. Something about listening, and asking questions at the same time, I usually catch what I missed while editing, and I missed the MOST important part of this interview.

Dianne is a Mom on a mission for a reason. It started when he son was struggling, and his pathway wasn’t looking bright. Dianne did not leave any rocks unturned. She found a way that helped her son, find his way in life, and now she helps others to do the same.

What I missed is that Dianne’s son is now a US Army Special Forces Green Beret.

That’s why I do this podcast. We ALL have something important we are meant to do while we are here living life, on this place called earth. We will come up with challenges along the way, and some may take us off course.  But there is a bright future for ALL of us. Everyone has the same opportunity to live a healthy and successful life, it’s just knowing the resources that are available to us, to help us when we become stuck, that will move the needle for us.

If you saw something in this interview that could help you, a family member, or someone you know, please do reach out to Dianne and book an appointment with her and her team to discuss your situation. I am not affiliated with her business, just here to share what she has created, with the hope that it unlocks someone else potential, someone who might have been stuck, to reach NEW heights.

And with that, I’ll close out this episode, and see you next week, for PART 2 of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book review. See you next week.


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