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“As the acceptance of expanded human potential gains mainstream momentum, the question has shifted from “What is possible in our lives?” to “How do we do it? How do we awaken our extraordinary potential in everyday life?” Welcome to PART 2 of our review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work.

On today’s EPISODE #310 on “Decoding Our Thoughts: How to Build a Better Future with the Power of Our Mind” and PART 2 of our Review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, we will cover:

✔ 3 Important Concepts in Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book,  Becoming Supernatural that have the ability to change YOUR life, when implemented.

IMPORTANT CONCEPT 1:  Accessing the Present Moment

IMPORTANT CONCEPT 2:  Mental Rehearsal: Priming Your Brain and Body for a New Future

IMPORTANT CONCEPT 3:  Elevated Emotion

✔ What science has to say about these timeless success principles?

✔ Strategies to IMPLEMENT these principles into our daily life for improved results.

✔ How to use our emotions FOR us, rather than AGAINST us.

✔ Why we must continue to learn more about WHO WE ARE for improved results

✔ How METACOGNITION (and our awareness of how we think, act and feel) creates AHA Moments of Learning in our daily life.

Today we will continue our exploration of how exactly we live up to the full potential we all have within us, or like the name of Joe Dispenza’s book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon.

Today as we cover PART 2 of this exploration we will identify clear strategies to awaken the extraordinary potential in each of us, and these will be evidence-based strtegies, that are proven with science.  Becoming Supernatural, is the first-of-its-kind manual that does precisely this: it leads us on a step-by-step journey to achieving our greatest potential in body, health, relationships, and our life purpose and allows us to make that journey at our own pace.

We only cover ideas and concepts on this podcast that have the potential to change our lives, and I’m on a mission to connect the most current brain research to concepts that have been taught successfully to students for centuries, connecting the science to these age-old success principles.

This book study has taken me some time to think, and consolidate what I’m learning since we released PART 1 the end of September. I needed this time to put Dr. Dispenza’s ideas and meditations into practice, and have spent the past month immersed in his teachings. As mentioned in the first part of this study, this is a shallow dive, and is just the beginning. I do hope that our review today helps us to ALL unlock more of the mysteries within the unseen world, as we learn to put these concepts into practice in our daily life. I’m sure we will return to this episode in the future, but this is where we will start our journey today.

Welcome back to The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast, where we connect the science-based evidence behind social and emotional learning (that’s finally being taught in our schools today) and emotional intelligence training (used in our modern workplaces) for improved well-being, achievement, productivity and results—using what I saw as the missing link (since we weren’t taught this when we were growing up in school), the application of practical neuroscience. I’m Andrea Samadi, an author, and an educator with a passion for learning and launched this podcast 5 years ago with the goal of bringing ALL the leading experts together (in one place) to uncover the most current research that would back up how the brain learns best, taking us ALL to new, and often unimaginable heights.

For those tuning into this episode, and you’ve not listened to EP 306[i] yet, I do encourage you to begin there. You will learn the background of where I first heard of Dr. Joe Dispenza, and how I was forbidden to cover his work on this podcast, since my neuroscience certification coach, researcher Mark Waldman, would consider his work pseudoscience.

We covered how even Dr. Joe Dispenza himself used to worry about what other people in the scientific community thought of him, until he stopped. He said this himself at the start of Becoming Supernatural[ii] reminding me of the importance of always being your true, authentic self, and NEVER worry about those who criticize your work. He said:

Until he saw how much of his “vital” energy he was wasting and went on to study with full force, a world that modern science hasn’t been able to explain, how regular “common” people, like you and me, are actually doing the “uncommon.”

Who is Dr. Dispenza?

He’s a doctor, a scientist, and a modern-day mystic who draws from diverse fields of rock-solid science, such as epigenetics, molecular biology, neurocardiology, and quantum physics, crossing the traditional boundaries that have separated scientific thinking and human experience in the past. In this process he opens the door to a new paradigm of empowerment—a new way of thinking and living based upon what we sense is possible in our lives, as well as what we accept as scientific fact.

In PART 1 of our review of Becoming Supernatural, I shared that I had my own questions about Dr. Dispenza’s work, especially after hearing about some of the results people were attaining during and after his seminars.

Over the years, I would stop and listen to Joe Dispenza’s work, remembering how he measured people’s brains BEFORE his events, and then AFTER, and while I would say that to all the questions I had about his work, I knew the answers were a solid “YES” I just wondered what the research said.

  • Can our current, present day thoughts impact our future?
  • Can we impact our own health (and results for that matter) purely by what we think?
  • Can my energy influence another person, and can someone else’s energy influence mine?
  • Can someone’s energy be felt?
  • Can our energy field be seen?

“YES,  was the answer to each question, but how” I always wondered.

While researching the tools that Dr. Dispenza used to measure participants’ brains at his seminars, I came across one tool he called Gas Discharge Visualization, that I had heard of from someone who works in Singapore, connected to Bruce Lipton Ph.D , who is a cell biologist and leading authority in epigenetics.[iii]

We’ll cover Bruce Lipton’s work at a later date, but it was this GDV tool that led me to the fascinating work of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, that we covered on EP 307[iv], providing us with some answers to my questions of HOW and WHAT Dr. Dispenza was using to measure people’s brains with at his events.

As I said in PART 1 of this review of Dr. Dispenza’s work, this is a shallow dive, not a deep one, that will just begin to scratch the surface of what it means for us to become Superhuman, and stretch ourselves beyond where our minds may never have travelled to before. Dr. Dispenza has made scientific history[v] with his findings (measuring HRV, or the energy around people’s bodies) and his most recent breakthrough in scientific research includes his team’s research paper that shows Meditations Impact on Immunity.[vi] I want to focus today on this particular angle with this groundbreaking research because my work with neuroscience began looking at the impact of stress on our brain as it relates to learning. You can go through some of our earlier episodes with Dr. Bruce Perry, or Dr. Lori Desautels, but what I’m most interested in today, that you can see with the direction of our podcast episodes since the Pandemic, is what we can do to mitigate the impact of stress on our health, wellbeing and longevity, in addition to creating the highest performing, 2.0 versions of ourselves.

So for today’s episode #310 “Decoding Our Thoughts: How to Build a Better Future with the Power of Our Mind” and PART 2 of our review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, we will pick up where we left off with Chapter 2 of Becoming Supernatural and look at how exactly a stressful situation can hurt us (mentally, physically and emotionally) or NOT.

Chapter 2: The Present Moment

We know that the way a person thinks and feels creates a person’s state of well-being. We know this can be scientifically proven by Dr. Korotkov’s GDV technology just by measuring the energy field of our finger tips and he can with accuracy, tell us what’s going on inside that person’s body (emotionally, psychologically) and then determine our relationship with this inner state to the outer world. Or in other words, what we THINK, on the inside, will show up on the outside. Dr. Korotkov explained that even animals respond to our thoughts, and know when we are approachable, or not, the minute we walk in through the front door of our homes.

Why Do Our Emotions and Our Thoughts Matter?

What exactly is it that our pets are sensing? This is where the iceberg model comes back into play. We could be consciously walking through the doorway, with the 5% of what’s going on in our conscious mind radiating out to the world, but the 95% of what’s going on under the iceberg, our unconscious habits, hardwired attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, perceptions, all functioning automatically, and that’s what our pets are picking up.

We dove deep into our conscious mind and our five senses on EP 293[vii] (looking the 5% of ourselves that can be seen and felt with our senses, and then what’s beyond our five senses on EP #294[viii] looking into the faculties of our mind, and what’s beneath the surface of the iceberg, or what’s going on beyond our 5 senses.

The difficult part, or the part where most of us become stuck, is HOW on the earth do we see what’s happening in our subconscious mind, the part of us that’s controlling 95% of who we are and what we do, if it’s ALL under water, so to speak?


Dr. Dispenza explains how an emotion hits our body (through our life situations-call whatever it may be), and causes some sort of emotional reaction. Maybe something happens to you in your personal life, and you hold negative emotions towards your ex-relationship, or it could be something in your work life, or it something random happens to you that changes your personality (puts you in a mood first, and over time changes your personality).  He says that we must learn to “shorten the refractory period of an emotional reaction” which is really where the work starts.

What does this mean?

So something happens to us, (and it will, no one is immune from life’s situations unless we live and a cave) and we want to complain about it to everyone we know. We were wronged in some way. It feels horrible, trust me, I know!

BUT resist doing this. Since we know from Dr. Korotkov’s GDV tool, that our thoughts matter, we must be VERY careful about the thoughts we think. I’m not saying that we pretend something doesn’t bother us, but listen to what Dr. Dispenza says. We must learn to “shorten the refractory period of our emotional reactions” because otherwise, we will repeat that same story over and over again in our head, and every time we do this, we flood our body with the same chemicals that were flooding our body when this event occurred, and since our body “is the unconscious mind, and doesn’t know the difference between the experience that’s creating the emotion (from the past) and the emotion you are creating through thought alone (in the present)”[ix] so in order to change our FUTURE results, we must to break this hard-wired programming.

This is not easy, but it’s the SECRET to changing your results in the future. If we look at the image in the show notes that I hand drew from Chapter 2 of Becoming Supernatural, you will see that if we cannot change, and break our hard-wired programming, we will re-create our past experiences into our future, and prevent us from EVER hitting that unknown event (whatever it might be-a new job, or unexpected experience) or something that could possibly take us to new heights.

IMAGE CREDIT: Andrea hand drew the image from Chapter 2 Becoming Superhuman


It’s because it’s uncomfortable and unfamiliar. It’s always easy to blame someone else for your results, or a situation, but to take responsibility for it, let it go, and move forward, well that’s not as easy. We are working with the 95% of us that’s hidden under water here. These patterns and beliefs are hard-wired into our brain, so they are not easy to break.


We do this by staying in the present moment (which is the whole idea of Chapter 2) and STOP the thoughts and emotions that went along with whatever it was that happened to us. That emotional event that changed you somehow.

This will stop your pattern of thinking.

It’s here that I bring in a diagram on Metacognition that I created in 2014 adapted from Dr. Newberg and Mark Waldman’s “Spectrum of Human Consciousness Model.”  When we become consciously aware of how we think, act and feel, this is Metacognition and where we create AHA Moments of learning in our lives.

Start at the bottom of the diagram:

Instinctive Learning: Do you know yourself? Are you aware of the thoughts, feelings and actions you are having that might be keeping you stuck somewhere? If you’ve never explored this area, Hazel Gale’s work from EP #308[x] is a good place to begin.

Habitual Learning: Can you CHANGE the way you are used to thinking and feeling? Do something differently? Move forward instead of getting stuck?

Intentional Learning: Can you set a goal to CHANGE something, and make this change stick? Instead of blaming someone for your results, take responsibility and move forward somehow?

Creative Learning: Can you use meditation (which actually means to become familiar with thyself) to find some answers, learn something new, give you a new angle of outlook on your life?

AHA Moment: What knowledge about yourself can you glean here? Did you see something NEW? Learn a new idea? Did you write it down and take action on it?  Jack Canfield would call this taking “inspired” action.

This is METACOGNITION and is the key to peeling back the onion layers of yourself, and help you to deepen your understanding of who you are.

PUTTING THIS INTO ACTION: Chapter 2 Living in the Present Moment

Remember it’s not going to be easy.


KNOW THYSELF: What happened to you?

So something happened to us in our life (some sort of event) that caused an emotional reaction within us. This can be ANYTHING. If I think back to past guests, I know that my colleague Grace Reynolds[xi] experienced significant trauma in her life as a child (an event) that changed her life, until she did the hard work to heal herself from her traumatic life experiences.  This is now her life’s work. I also can never forget Hans Appel[xii], a school counselor whose book, Award Winning Culture took off in schools across the country.  I remember while reading Hans’ book, it was in the first few pages that he mentioned how he had a difficult childhood, and he talked about how the sound of his back door opening after school would make his skin crawl as he remembered the trauma that would occur for him in his life after school, urging him to spend more and more time at school, away from home. This is also now Hans’ life’s work to help others through traumatic events.

These are two extreme cases an event that caused trauma, but an event could be anything that takes you from a positive, creative state of being (where our immune system functions well) to a stressful state of being, that we know scientifically down regulates certain genes and creates disease in our body.


This will prevent us from unconsciously slipping back into our OLD self. Dr. Dispenza does have meditations[xiii] that can assist with staying present, and with time, helping us to automatically live in the present moment, and shortening that “refractive period” of the emotional experiences that happen to us.

BEFORE I sent ANY of you to Dr. Dispenza’s website, I have to say that I first found out about his meditations by chance. After our episode of HRV[xiv], someone (a male) wrote to me on social media that he had raised his HRV significantly with Dr. Dispenza’s “Courageous Heart Meditation.” We will talk about the benefits of this meditation a bit later, but I have to tell you here that I looked up this meditation, and listened to it, and thought “there is NO way I could ever listen to that!” It was so far away from what I was used to with Vishen Lakiani’s calm and quiet voice, or Dan Siegel’s Wheel of Awareness. This meditation opens up like a lion roaring, with this voice, (Joe Dispenza) yelling at me to “sit down, and open my heart.” The first time I listened to it, I turned it off after probably 30 seconds. This would not relax me, but stress me out. It wasn’t until I understood the purpose of the meditation and what it was actually designed for (to help men to open their hearts that I was finally open enough to begin listening to this meditation, and some others, every day, to finally see their benefits that has to do with developing a coherent heart and brain.

Go to Joe Dispenza’s website and check out his mediations for yourself.

Over time, and some introspection, I promise you will begin to see yourself in a whole new light which is the meaning behind the word “meditation” which means to “know thyself.”

This brings us to the next concept I think is important to note with Becoming Supernatural.

Chapter 2:  Mental Rehearsal: Priming Your Body for a New Future

So what happens to the health of our body if we have an “event” in our life that causes us to have some sort of negative, emotional charge? Dr. Dispenza explains the need of “staying in the present moment” and recognizing when something could possibly impact our future (health or results) with his interview with Tom Bilyeu[xv].

If our thinking creates our environment (Bob Proctor would say “our thoughts, feelings and actions would determine our results or our conditions, circumstances and environments.”) then in order to change something we don’t like, we have to either change our thinking, or change our environment, to get new results.

Wayne Dyer would say “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”


There are many examples in Dr. Dispenza’s book of people who changed their health, purely by changing their thoughts. I’ve heard of many people over the years who have used “mental rehearsal” to heal their bodies and keep them strong in the future. My Mom shared with me that she did this when she was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer, we talked about this in our Review of The Silva Method, and I heard woman’s story[xvi] that I’ll link in the show notes that’s by far the most compelling story I’ve ever heard. She healed her body from watching Dr. Dispenza on Tom Bilyeu’s interview we mentioned above.

IMAGE CREDIT: Andrea hand drew the image from Chapter 2 Becoming Superhuman


I asked Dr. Korotkov at the end of EP 307 what he thinks we should all be doing, every day, to raise our own vibration/consciousness as well as the collective consciousness of those around the world, and I’ll never forget his answer. He said that we should find a way to balance our chakras, and said there are many meditations out there (Joe Dispenza, or search on the internet).  This is the very first step towards balancing our mind, body and spirit and move towards to the many known benefits that daily meditation provides.


Do you know yourself? When you are meditating are you learning something about yourself? Do you notice anything happening? Can you notice ANY benefits from your practice? This was the reason why I decided to cover The Silva Method[xvii] on our podcast, because I wanted to take my meditation practice to new heights.

Then learn from the work that Dr. Dispenza has done over the years. He reminds us:

Protect yourself from the harmful effects of stress on your body.

Imagine your energy field shrinking when you are living in survival mode, and find a way to the other side.

Meditation alone can be the answer to helping you back towards health. Since Dr. Dispenza has measured so many participants with the effects of his meditations, I would have to say that I highly recommend them, especially after noticing what they have done to help me personally while listening to them.

All Chapters: Elevated Emotion

This last concept I noticed the most after listening to Dr. Dispenza’s meditations for some time. He says that “they recorded amazing changes in HRV (heart rate variability) which is what that person told me on social media. Dispenza says “this is when we know a student is opening their heart and maintaining elevated emotions like gratitude, inspiration, joy, kindness, appreciation and compassion, which cause the heart to beat in a coherent fashion—that is with rhythm, order and balance.”  This is the important part. I think we can all say it’s important to be happy, and joyful (rather than dwelling on the negative parts of our day) but it also “takes a clear intention, (a coherent brain) AND an elevated emotion (a coherent heart) to begin to change a person’s biology from living in the past to living in the future.” There is clear evidence that we are “bound by an invisible field of light” (Dispenza) and have tremendous power that can influence ourselves and others.

Dr. Dispenza was measuring the internal changes with his tools and this “feedback” was letting that person know they were on the right track and should keep doing what they were doing.  We learned all about neurofeedback on our last episode with Dianne Kosto.

When you create heart coherence, your heart (he says) “creates a magnetic field that projects beyond your body.” What you DO with this energy is important. You can use it for yourself (whatever it is you are working on) or you can project it out in the world to help others.


I wouldn’t go anywhere other than the Courageous Heart Meditation[xviii] to elevate your emotions. You can find this meditation on YouTube, but if you find the ads distracting, just buy it for $25 from Dr. Dispenza’s website. You’ll access 37 minutes of pure bliss every day, that will help you to tune into love, joy, kindness and compassion. You’ll change your world, as well as add to the collective consciousness of the rest of the world.


Do you know yourself? As you begin to find ways to open your heart, just be open. I didn’t think it would be possible to open my heart up more but I was open to what I would notice, and I know since listening to this meditation my heart has now open up to a whole new level.  Once we can get to this place, where we are in the present moment, we’ve mentally rehearsed the future we want to create, we’ve embraced emotions (like joy, peace, appreciation, and love) in our heart, our heart and brain now gain coherence, and this is where it happens, we can connect to the quantum field (where all possibility exists), where time and space collapses and you can literally BECOME your dream.


To review and conclude episode #310 “Decoding Our Thoughts: How to Build a Better Future with the Power of Our Mind” and PART 2 of our review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, we covered 3 topics and used the METACOGNITION diagram as a guide to deepen our understanding of who we are in this process.

IMPORTANT CONCEPT 1: Was About Accessing the Present Moment

I said that this was the most important part of this episode. We learned how an emotion hits our body (through our life situations-call it whatever it may be), and this causes some sort of emotional reaction. Maybe something happens to you in your personal life, and you hold negative emotions towards your ex-relationship, or it could be something in your work life, or something random happens to you that changes your personality (puts you in a mood first, and over time changes your personality).  We learned of the importance of shortening “the refractory period of an emotional reaction” which is really where the work starts.

If we don’t do this, holding in this negative emotion can impact our physical and mental health, and we know this to be scientifically true, with Dr. Korotkov’s GDV technology.

We learned how to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of stress on our body and imagining our energy field shrinking when we are living in survival mode. Meditation alone can be the answer to helping you back towards health and even Dr. Andrew Huberman[xix] talks about this important strategy from a purely scientific angle. We can go back to our early episode with Dr. Daniel Siegel[xx] where he talks about the healing benefits of his Wheel of Awareness Meditation that we also covered in depth on a later EP 60[xxi], The Science and Benefits Behind Dr. Siegel’s Wheel of Awareness Meditation.  Just a reminder of some of the health benefits Dr. Siegel mentioned, they are RIGHT on track with Dr. Dispenza’s findings.

  • There’s an integration of structure and function of the brain (integration means well-being).
  • There’s a reduction of the stress hormone cortisol.
  • There’s an enhancement of immune function.
  • Improvement in cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Reduction in inflammation via epigenetic changes.
  • An optimization of telomerase—which is fascinating as it repairs and maintains the ends of chromosomes and slows aging.

I’ll leave it up to you with WHAT meditation tool you use, but I do highly encourage trying Dr. Dispenza’s meditations, in additions to the ones I talk about often on this podcast.

IMPORTANT CONCEPT 2:  Mental Rehearsal: Priming Your Body for a New Future

We learned how to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of stress on our body with the importance of being able to use mental rehearsals by imagining our energy field shrinking when we are living in survival mode, and finding a way to the other side, creating a NEW future in our mind first.

We reviewed how meditation alone could be the answer to helping us back towards health, and creating a new future.

We don’t need to look far for the research behind this concept as it’s been used for decades in the sports industry. Dr. Andrew Huberman covered it on an episode called Science-Based Mental Training and Visualization for Improved Learning[xxii] as well as his episode on How to Learn Skills Faster[xxiii] that we have covered in the past.

IMPORTANT CONCEPT 3:  Elevated Emotion

We learned from Dr. Dispenza, who is by far the leading expert on this concept, that a student who is opening their heart and maintaining elevated emotions like gratitude, inspiration, joy, kindness, appreciation and compassion, which causes the heart to beat in a coherent fashion creating order and balance” can take themselves to the quantum field, where ALL possibilities exist. Remember that diagram with the unforeseen event that happens in the future, it’s not happening by chance or luck.

I know we all know on some level that it’s important to be happy, and joyful (rather than dwelling on the negative parts of our day) but it also “takes a clear intention, (a coherent brain-or the idea that if our brain is working right, then we will work right) AND an elevated emotion (a coherent heart) to begin to change a person from living in the past to living in that place where ALL possibilities exist.

This is the way to create a beautiful future, and we can ALL do this, when we can learn to live these 3 important concepts on a daily basis.

This last one, the only way I know how to do this, or explain this with the highest level of confidence, is through Dr. Dispenza’s Courageous Heart Meditation. He explains How to Feel Elevated Emotions You’ve Never Felt Before[xxiv] by learning to set a clear intention (of what you want) with a heart centered emotion (gratitude, love, or joy) and know that you can CAUSE an effect in the FUTURE with the power of your intention, connected to the positive emotion you have created.  I can say that nothing I have ever experienced is like the minute I turned on the Courageous Heart Meditation. I mentioned it wasn’t the first time I listened to it. It took me some time from reading Becoming Supernatural to trust that Dr. Dispenza has created something that I’ve never seen or felt before, and was open to trying it out.  Learning what it feels like to have a coherent heart and brain. To feel his music pulsating through me as he reminds me to “sit down” and open my heart. The love I feel while listening to this meditation is beautiful as I learn to feel with an open heart, and trust/balance my heart and brain.

Only now, that I’ve truly started on the pathway to implementing these 3 important concepts in my daily life, am I confident that the future I envision on the screen of my mind is not only possible, but it’s probable, as I watch events occur daily that most people would say are impossible, or that they are happening by chance or luck.

We know this is not the case.

It starts with living in the present moment (not the past) or worrying about the future but just living, mentally rehearsing the future, with elevated emotion…

And then watch the magic happen.

With 100% certainty I can tell you if you can master these 3 principles on a daily basis, it will change your life, literally!

I’ll close with the quote I opened up our most downloaded episode with, The Silva Method, from Jose Silva that “once we learn to use our mind to train it, it will do some astounding things for us, as you will soon see.” Jose Silva (August 11, 1914-February 7, 1999) author of The Silva Mind Control Method.


Being in the Present Moment Tools from Dr. Andrew Huberman

Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Meditations


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