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“As the acceptance of expanded human potential gains mainstream momentum, the question has shifted from “What is possible in our lives?” to “How do we do it? How do we awaken our extraordinary potential in everyday life?” Welcome to PART 3 of our review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work.

On today’s EPISODE #311 on “Decoding Our Thoughts: How to Build a Better Future with the Power of Our Mind” and PART 3 of our Review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, we will:

Review Chapter 3 of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book,  Becoming Supernatural on Accessing The Quantum World for improved results in our personal, professional life, or with our health and wellness.






✔ What science has to say about the Quantum World?

✔ Strategies on how to IMPLEMENT these 5 STEPS into our daily life for improved results (personally, professionally and with our health).

Today we will continue our exploration of how exactly we live up to the full potential we all have within us, or like the name of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon.

Today as we cover PART 3 of this exploration we will identify clear strategies to awaken the extraordinary potential in each of us, and these will be evidence-based strategies, that are backed by science.  We will do this by looking at CH 3 of Becoming Supernatural, a book that is the first-of-its-kind manual that does precisely this: it leads us on a step-by-step journey to achieving our greatest potential in body, health, relationships, and our life purpose and allows us to make that journey at our own pace.

This book study has taken me some time to think, and consolidate what I’m learning since we released PART 1 the end of September. I needed this time to put Dr. Dispenza’s ideas and meditations into practice, and have spent the past month and a half, immersed in his teachings, filling in the gaps of understanding I’ve had since I first began studying human potential in the late 1990s. As mentioned in the first part of this study, this is a shallow dive, and it’s just the beginning. I do hope that our review today helps us to ALL unlock more of the mysteries within the unseen world, as we learn to put these concepts into practice into our daily lives. I’m sure we will return to this episode in the future, but this is where we will start our journey today. We’ll review what we learned in PART1 and PART 2, preparing us for this exciting journey of our mind, with PART 3 today, where we’ll put it all into action, with something we want to achieve in our own life.

Welcome back to The Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning Podcast, where we connect the science-based evidence behind social and emotional learning (that’s finally being taught in our schools today) and emotional intelligence training (used in our modern workplaces) for improved well-being, achievement, productivity and results—using what I saw as the missing link (since we weren’t taught this when we were growing up in school), the application of practical neuroscience. I’m Andrea Samadi, an author, and an educator with a passion for learning and launched this podcast 5 years ago with the goal of bringing ALL the leading experts together (in one place) to uncover the most current research that would back up how the brain.

For those tuning into this episode, and you’ve not listened to PART 1 EP 306[i] yet, or PART 2 EP 310[ii]  I do encourage you to begin there. You will learn the background of where I first learned about Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, and see how he fits into what we’ve been covering on the podcast the past 10 seasons.

For today’s episode #311 “Decoding Our Thoughts: How to Build a Better Future with the Power of Our Mind” and PART 3 of our review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work we’ll pick up where we left off with the importance of living in the present moment, mental rehearsal, and priming our brain AND body for a new future. We recall the importance of creating an elevated emotion that helps to develop a coherent heart, combined with a clear intention that develops a coherent brain, creating a magnetic field that projects beyond our body to be used for ourselves and others. And before you think I’m completely crazy, which I know is possible, as I’m reading what I’m writing, it does sound crazy, or a bit off the wall, but scientists like Dr. Konstantin Korotkov[iii] have been measuring these energy fields around the body with technology that can accurately pick up the physical health of our body and mind in an instant, pinpointing any areas of concern, and changing the way we approach our mental health and wellness in the future.

Next we will take all of this deep back knowledge and move into Chapter 3 of Becoming Supernatural, that he calls “Tuning into New Potentials in the Quantum” and see how we can all use it in our daily lives. I know we’ve talked about this Quantum World through Dr. Dispenza’s work that exists when “you take your attention off objects in your physical environment” and “take your attention off linear time (which has a past and a future) and “you are (now) in the present moment, in which all possibilities in the quantum field exist.” (Ch 3, Becoming Supernatural).  I hand drew what this looks like with the “Predictable Timeline” from Chapter 2 of Becoming Superhuman to show the importance of being in the present moment for accessing something NEW we want to create in our life.

IMAGE CREDIT: Andrea hand drew the image from Chapter 2 Becoming Superhuman


Before I even start to explain this, I’ve got to say that explaining this concept has been on my mind since first launching this podcast back in 2019. Over the years I’ve heard of this idea in many different ways, so when interviewing certain speakers, my goal was always to connect the science to this concept of “another world” where ALL possibilities exit that just seems flat out crazy. But I heard it over and over again. The same idea, explained slightly differently in different books, through different people, in a slightly different way. Each person added to my understanding, but it’s been a process for me to connect each person’s definition, and put it into practice in my own life.

What IS the Quantum World?

2018 Dr. Daniel Siegel Aware[iv]: The Science and Practice of Presence

I went a very long time not completely understanding this idea of Quantum Theory or The Quantum World that Dr. Dispenza writes about beautifully in Chapter 3. Dr. Dispenza became well known with a movie he produced, explaining this concept in a unique way, in the early 2000s but the movie was labelled as pseudoscience because I don’t think that the science had caught up to his level of thinking. I admire Dr. Dispenza for pushing past this time, as the science eventually caught up to him and then he met Dr. Korotkov and was finally able to measure what he knew to be true with GDV technology, and with other tools, that he talks about in his book.

But over the years I wondered “What is this Quantum World and how can I access it to create these unforeseen events in my own life?” Then I heard it from someone who I knew had the scientific background to bring credibility to this idea!

I was on a webinar with Dr. Dan Siegel in 2018, and I heard him explaining this concept I knew to be called The Quantum Field or Quantum Theory through his Wheel of Awareness Meditation[v].  Right then and there, I knew I had to interview Dr. Siegel and learn more about what he was saying. I’m beyond grateful he said yes as one of our early interviews, episode #28[vi]. He could have looked at our episode count and think we weren’t a popular enough show (as we were in the beginning stages with this podcast) but not Dan Siegel. He’s connected to this plane of consciousness and brings credibility to anyone who talks about it with his background, research and deep knowledge of looking at the world through a scientific lens. I think he knew on some level that his work would unlock something for more than just my level of thinking, (but for all those who would tune in over the years) as this is how this World (or Plane) of Possibility really works.

He says…

Dr. Siegel says that “physics has demonstrated that we have 2 realms in the physical universe—and this is not commonly known” when he explains what happens to us at different parts of his Wheel of Awareness practice. We did a deep dive into this meditation practice, as it was the first time I saw something designed to help us to access and navigate into this 2nd world, using our mind on EP 60[vii] on “The Science Behind a Meditation Practice: A Deep Dive into Dr. Dan Siegel’s Wheel of Awareness Meditation” where I focused on some of the benefits I noticed personally from practicing his meditation daily, like an increased focused attention, a stronger interoceptive sense, an increased connection to people around the world, and then I said “there is more we can say on this topic and that I know with time, practice and as my own awareness increases, I will have a deeper understanding of the Wheel of Awareness.”

I put an image of how Dr. Siegel would describe this State of Mind where we tap into this “other” plane of awareness, through meditation. I knew looking at this diagram in 2019 that Dr. Siegel was explaining something I was still trying to understand myself. During our interview, Dr. Siegel asked me “what have you noticed through practicing The Wheel of Awareness” and looking back now, I know what he was asking. He wrote his book Aware in 2018, a year before our interview. He wanted to know how aware I was. I answered from the point of view of someone who has been using his meditation, but with continued practice, this other world (a second world) opens up, and this is where the fun begins. My answer to him showed him I had not yet arrived at this new world of possibility.

When I interviewed my mentor, and speaker Bob Proctor, on EP 66[viii], and asked him if he knew of Dr. Dan Siegel’s work, I was trying to connect what I had heard Proctor say over and over again, to the world of science, but Proctor covered this answer by talking about how we all live in a physical body, and with the power of thought, we can “tap into” the spiritual world and create ideas (or beautiful castles) that he would almost pull from the sky. While watching Proctor speaking, I always wondered, where is his mind going? What is this “spiritual” world he is accessing, where anything we want is within our grasp? Proctor would ask you to tell him “what’s the MOST money you’ve ever earned in a year” to see how aware we were. He would say that there was no difference in earning $50,000/year vs $50 million, just the awareness of how to do it.

So since working with Proctor in the late 1990s, this question was always in the back of my mind. What is this world he’s going to where all possibilities exist? I could see him pulling ideas from the sky when he was speaking, and I knew it mattered what thoughts I was thinking, the actions I was taking. We heard about the principles from Napoleon Hill’s Classic Think and Grow Rich many times, especially this point that:

“Any idea that is held in the mind that is either feared or revered will, begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate physical forms available.” Andrew Carnegie

I knew it was important what we think and especially that we always keep a positive mindset but I couldn’t explain why this was true, scientifically to anyone, until I began to connect different people’s explanation of “Quantum Theory”, or “The Plane of Possibility”, or “The Sea of Potential” all in one place.


Every year, I like to pick a well-known, popular book, preferably one that I have studied for years, and have years of notes taken that I can share on the podcast, like we did with the popular Think and Grow Rich[ix] series, or the most popular Silva Method[x] series.

But I’ve held off covering the popular book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles which was a seminar I sold in the late 1990s, because I knew I would have to explain Wattles’ version of Quantum Theory that’s in EVERY chapter of his book.  Wattles’ Science of Getting Rich book directly focused on using this space to earn money, and his work goes like this. He says:

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which in its original state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. A person can form things in their thought, and by impressing their thoughts upon the formless substance, can cause the thing they think about to be created.” (Wallace D. Wattles).

I’m not kidding, we used to read this passage at seminars, out loud, and I would be thinking “what the heck is he talking about? What is this thinking stuff from which ALL things are made?” I sold this seminar, and had no idea what the main point of it was about.

While picking books to cover, this one (with a whole briefcase of notes attached to it) was thrown back into the back of my closet. I thought “there is no way I was ever going to cover this concept on a podcast designed to connect the most current brain research to help us to all improve our lives, with evidence-based strategies” until I started to see this concept show up in the work of reputable scientists like we’ve seen with Dr. Siegel. I’ve always had these concepts in the back of my mind, (that I saw working over and over again the seminar industry) or over the years since this time, that I wanted to connect science to, (like Dr. Dispenza ended up doing so well) so that we could ALL advance ourselves forward personally and professionally. These were age-old principles that I knew to be true, (I saw them working over and over again) but I just couldn’t explain WHY they were true.

Until I read Chapter 3 of Dr. Dispenza’s Becoming Supernatural. It was within these pages that I learned that the best way to understand this “quantum” world was to experience it. We must now put chapters 1 and 2 into practice, and this takes time.


Dr. Dispenza reminds us to go back to the first two chapters where we practiced opening up to this idea of Becoming Supernatural, then learning to access the present moment, elevating our emotions, using mental rehearsal to prime our mind and body…and now we are ready to step into this Quantum World, where all possibilities exit, to create something new. An unknown event.

It’s here that we stay on the surface with our dive. If you want to go deeper, read Chapter 3 in detail. I’m not a neuroscientist, or scientist, so explaining the science behind this is not my strength. I just need to know it’s there. If you need more science before moving forward, it’s there in Chapter 3 of Dr. Dispenza’s book, as well, you can find it in Dr. Daniel Siegel’s book Aware.

But if you are like me, and just want to practice this now, let’s do it.



Let’s walk into the Quantum World together, and see HOW we can create an unknown event in our future.  Something that you might want personally or professionally. Or even something with your health.


Accessing the Quantum World begins the minute you STOP and get yourself into the present moment. You can do this sitting down, standing up, or any way you like, but just STOP. Accessing the present moment can occur from using Dr. Dan Siegel’s Wheel of Awareness Meditation, or ANY of Dr. Dispenza’s. It’s also the whole point of Jose Silva’s Method, where he asks you to count backwards to access this world. Find what works best for you. I had to practice a few meditations over and over again in the early morning time before being able to access the present moment during the day when needed.


In order to use this Plane of Possibility to CREATE something NEW in your life, you first of all must know what it is that you want to create. If you aren’t sure what you want to change in your life (this might be clear to you, or it might not be) then I suggest going back to PART 1[xi] of our Think and Grow Rich book review where we looked at how to uncover what you REALLY want in your life.

I mentioned that when I was in my late 20s, and was asked “What do you REALLY want?” I didn’t have it all figured out back then. It’s taken me a lifetime to become crystal clear with what it is that I’m supposed to be doing with my time/work/career.

Take the time to figure out what it is that YOU really want, since you will trade your life for it.


We went deep into this idea on our last episode, but this is important for being able to develop a coherent heart, and coherent brain. We know when our brain is working right, we work right. This is why we focus on health and wellness on this podcast. Everything ties in together. Dispenza now takes this idea to a new level. When we are under stress, we will not have a coherent brain. He explains this with a diagram in his book, but you’ll get the idea. In order to line up your heart and brain, you can do this by elevating your emotions.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this concept. Paul Martinelli[xii] covered it in his Think and Grow Rich study when he added what he thought were two missing chapters to the book (Love and Forgiveness). He said “when you feel love, happiness, energy and clarity, you will feel your vibration shifting” which is another way of saying you are access a new level of creation, on a higher vibration. We covered this concept in depth on EP 67.[xiii]

Remember that we all have energy fields surrounding us, and this is one way to expand our energy field, helping us to “tune into” whatever it is that we want to create. The key to accessing whatever it is you want to create in this “World of Possibility” is to keep our energy level high throughout. During times of high stress, our energy field will start to shrink, so it’s important to stay rested, nourish our body and mind, and keep our balance (coherent brain and heart). Dr. Korotkov’s technology can measure this, and Dr. Dispenza has measured people’s energy fields for years. The only way I can put this idea into something visual is to think about this concept. Have you ever seen a bicycle that you must peddle in order for it to generate some other energy type (a light or a television or something?) This is the idea. In order to generate what you want in this unseen world, you must keep pedaling, keeping this energy field strong, healthy, and level of vibration high.

When I asked Bob Proctor about the quantum world that Dr. Dan Siegel talks about in our interview[xiv], where there is this plane of possibility where we can create anything, Bob answered with “I believe the physical realm that we live in and the spiritual world, are all connected, like the colors of the rainbow.” When we take an idea, it comes in from spirit, hits our intellectual mind, and it’s up to us whether we move it into form.

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was brilliant, and you never did anything with it, and then suddenly you see someone else has created it? That’s because there is only one mind, and that we can all tap into these ideas.

This is how ALL ideas happen. They start in the mind of the person who creates it, and then after dedicated work, they hit their target, and people watching might say “Oh wow, that person is so lucky” not realizing the work that went into the attainment of the goal. There are usually years of hard work, (pedaling the bicycle) with persistence, with failures, wrong turns, course corrections, but all starting with that clear vision or idea with an end goal or target.


This last step is where the magic happens. Just be open to what you could possibly create with this NEW energy. Be Patient. This Process Takes Time.


There is no right or wrong way to access this plane of possibility. Jose Silva’s program walks us through a specific method to use our mind for improving our health (or solve any problem) through a specific technique where we create three scenes.

You can see my notes walking through this process in the show notes. In the first scene, we think about the problem we want to solve, (I picked neck pain) the second, we take some sort of action towards solving the problem, (I picked using ice packs and a phrase I learned from hypnotherapy to help the pain to disappear, and then a symbol of the healing. For me all healing and progress takes place at a certain spot on this mountain I hike) and the with the third scene, we imagine our life with our problem solved. (I wrote how awesome it would feel to be free of this pain in my neck)! This is one example of using this Plane of Possibility to solve a problem you have.

For you:

  • What do YOU see when you access the plane of possibility?
  • Do you need more help getting here? Try Dr. Siegel’s Wheel of Awareness Meditation, or ANY of Dr. Dispenza’s meditations.
  • Are you beginning to gain some clarity towards whatever it is that you want to solve? (a personal problem, something with your work, or something with your health?)


If you still need more help here, I highly suggest bringing a team together to help you. This is not a usual team, but a team you gather when you are in your Plane of Possibility. It can be anyone but they are the people you pick to help move your intention forward.

This concept might sound strange, but even people like Greg Link[xv], who was the mastermind behind the late Dr. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that sold over 40 million copies worldwide (surpassing the popular Think and Grow Rich book) in 40 languages used this particular strategy.

A book doesn’t sell 40 million copies without a unique strategy behind it, and I heard it loud and clear in our interview last Spring. Greg mentioned that he had a “board of directors” that he asked questions to. Now this is not your typical board of directors. These are brilliant minds that you bring into your Quantum World of Possibility, and ask for help when you become stuck, to give you ideas to move you forward somehow.


Getting to the stage when you can at will, create something out of nothing, takes time, focus, practice and dedication. Until I saw Chapter 3 of Becoming Supernatural, I was doing these steps without really knowing what the Quantum World was. Sometimes I would create what I wanted, but I knew there was something I was missing. If I was missing something, and I’ve been studying this for almost 30 years now, I figured I might as well put this on the podcast, as others might also have questions around the creative process.

Sometimes you’ll notice you’ll be working, following these steps, and nothing happens and you might think “what a ridiculous idea this is” but when you get to this point, I suggest going back to the meditations (whether you pick Dr. Dispenza’s or Dr. Siegel’s, or someone else’s) and go back to STEP 1, practicing dropping into the present moment. When I’m stuck, I know this is the beginning step to return to.


To review and conclude episode #311 “Decoding Our Thoughts: How to Build a Better Future with the Power of Our Mind” and PART 3 of our review of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, we covered Chapter 3 of his book, and reviewed 5 IMPORTANT STEPS TO TAKE WHEN ACCESSING THE QUANTUM WORLD.


AND OPEN THE DOORWAY TO THE QUANTUM WORLD: Remember to keep an open mind here as the strategies we are covering, of Becoming Supernatural, and experiencing exceptional results, are not commonly known. Dr. Dan Siegel connects to the science to this plane of possibility in his book, Aware (2018) and says “physics has demonstrated that we have 2 realms in our physical universe—and this is not commonly known.”

STEP 2: SET A CLEAR INTENTION: Know what it is that you want to work on or solve. If you are not sure what this is, go back to PART 1 of our Think and Grow Rich book study where we cover this in depth.

STEP 3: CHANGE YOUR ENERGY: ELEVATING YOUR EMOTIONS WITH YOUR CLEAR INTENTION: The key to accessing whatever it is you want to create in this “World of Possibility” is to keep our energy level high throughout. When we can feel love, joy, excitement or awe, we will be keeping our energy levels high. Remember the analogy of riding a bicycle that generates a television with the energy, signifying that in order to create something, we must keep our energy levels high.


  • What do you see in this Plane of Possibility?
  • Do you need more help getting here?

Take your time at this step. This is where you are using your mind to create whatever is that you want. If you need more time spent in daily meditation, take this time. If you need to journal or think about what you are learning here. Take this time.


Once we can get to this place, (that Dan Siegel calls the Plane of Possibility, or Dr. Dispenza calls The Quantum World) from dropping into the present moment, we’ve mentally rehearsed the future we want to create, (or our intention) we’ve embraced emotions (like joy, peace, appreciation, awe and love) in our heart, and our heart and brain have now gained coherence, then we WATCH for it.

This is where it happens. WHAT you create here is entirely up to you.

We can ALL connect to this quantum field, where all possibility exists, where time and space collapses and we can literally BECOME our intention. Over time, and with practice, these steps become easier and easier, and we can work on ourselves to improve our personal lives, our health, our professional lives, and even expand our capacity to do this for others in the world.

I don’t know about you, but this is mind-boggling learning.

I’ll close with the quote I opened up our most downloaded episode with, The Silva Method, from Jose Silva who says that “once we learn to use our mind to train it, it will do some astounding things for us, as you will soon see.” Jose Silva (August 11, 1914-February 7, 1999) author of The Silva Mind Control Method.

I’ll see you next week!


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